Community Sentencing Specialist

Community Sentencing

Recruitment #210408-UNCE-138


Community Sentencing

Salary:  $4,207.58 monthly

This is an unclassified position; selections will be made without the use of an interview committee per OP-110235 V.A.

Oklahoma Department of Corrections
Unclassified Job Descriptor

Basic Purpose:
Positions in this job coordinate the day-to-day operation of local community sentencing systems within the guidelines of approved plan and budget, and according to the provisions of the Oklahoma Community Sentencing Act.

Typical Functions:
*Assists the community sentencing planning councils in identifying resources, collecting data on sentencing practices, and preparing an annual plan and budget; organizes, distributes, and maintains listings of resources and services available within the local community sentencing system for use by the council and court.
*Ensures that court orders pertaining to offenders’ community sentences and governing legislation are carried out appropriately; assists offenders in locating services in compliance with judgement and sentence; monitors local service providers to assure appropriate delivery of services; advises the court of offender progress.
*Maintains accurate records in the offender management systems as required by the division and for local reporting needs.
*Collaborates with local public, private and non-profit agencies to coordinate support in the community for the community sentencing planning council; coordinates regular meetings with judges, district attorneys, and other members of local community sentencing planning councils.
*Monitors expenditures within area of assigned responsibility by reviewing invoices for services to ensure accuracy and to assist in tracking program costs.
*Supervises administrative support staff.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Knowledge of the theory and techniques of offender rehabilitation; of the laws, rules, and regulations governing community sentencing operations; of public relations principles; of the methods of planning and budgeting. Knowledge of, and skill in, the use and application of appropriate information technology. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; to establish and maintain effective working relationships; and to organize community resources.

Statutorily Required: N/A

Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree and three (3) years of experience in corrections, social work, or guidance and counseling, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Job Code: 6456 DOC Pay Grade: 10 Statutory Reference: 74 O.S. § 840-5.5 or 5.11 Effective Date: 08-01-02


Veteran’s preference points apply only for initial appointment in the classified service.

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