Director of Community Development Service

Recruitment #210401-UNCX-154


The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) is committed to providing quality health services to Oklahoma citizens. The mission of the Department of Health is to promote, protect and improve the health of all Oklahomans through strategies that focus on preventing disease and injuries.

OSDH is seeking a full-time Director providing support to Community Development Service. This is an unclassified position (PIN # 34002539) in state government, located in Oklahoma City, OK. OSDH offers a comprehensive Benefits Packageincluding a generous benefit allowance to offset the cost of insurance premiums for employees and their eligible dependents.  For more information about the benefit allowance [click here]. The annual salary for this position is based on education and experience.

Position Description:  
The Director is responsible for working with the Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Personal Health Services and the Community Health Service leadership team to identify key strategic public health opportunities, objectives and policies. The Director shall secure funding for programmatic activities when needed; administer budgets and allocate resources; supervise staff; negotiate and provide oversight of necessary contracts and agreements; identify and collaborate with agency and community partners; find ways to integrate initiatives into existing programs when feasible.

The Director interfaces with multiple levels of OSDH staff, external stakeholders, and other community members in the development of health improvement plans. The Director provides expertise, facilitation and consultation for public health planning for the OSDH. The Director leads a team whose purpose is to work in conjunction with local public health planning teams to provide technical assistance, facilitation, consultation and training for developing data-driven health planning that identify targeted solutions for each community.  The CDS works closely with local staff to identify partners and resources that are needed to address the needs impacting health in their community. The CDS helps organize, educate and empower people within their communities to create sustainable, measurable change. To empower this change, CDS facilitates skill development through the formation and coordination of collective groups working toward a common goal in the form of health planning. 

The Director is responsible for providing direction and daily oversight to the Community Development Service Area. This includes the supervision of professional level staff in the Office of Minority Health and Health Equity, Office of Tribal Liaison, Office of Primary Care and other technical areas critical to facilitate the full capacity of local health planning teams. 

Position Responsibilities /Essential Functions
Job duties/responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
•Provide Expertise, Facilitation and Consultation to the Community Health Services Leadership Team and Staff and External Partnerships; 
•Assist the  Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Personal Health Services with creating, communicating, implementing and sustaining strategic public health initiatives of the agency; 
•Provide direction/management and guidance to the Community Development service staff enabling them to identify key strategic public health opportunities and participate in public health project planning to ensure projects are appropriately prioritized, developed, and executed per identified needs;
•Assist local public health planning teams with creating, communicating, implementing and sustaining strategic public health initiatives;
Represent Agency with Partners
•Collaborate and coordinate with state and local officials such as Regional Administrative Directors at each County Health Department, local public health planning teams, elected leaders, private industry officials, and community based organizations;
•Attend meetings to present, facilitate and discuss strategic public health planning efforts, policies, and projects with individuals and groups;
•Serve as the National and/or State representative for certain HHS, CDC, or other public health groups whose purpose aligns with the CDS.

Provide Direction and Management
•Supervise and manage the Office of Minority Health, Office of Primary Care, Office of Tribal Liaison, and other technical areas critical to facilitate the full capacity of local health planning teams; 
•Secures funding for programmatic activities when needed; administers and monitors budgets and allocates resources; negotiates and provides oversight of contracts and agreements;
•Directs and supervises staff in the completion of assigned functions and activities;
•Reviews periodic staff reports, administrative audits, program activities and other information to evaluate program effectiveness and quality of service; develops controls to assure accountability for program operations, policy implementation and the maintenance of efficiency in various units;
•Management activities such as: reviewing work of staff; verify and approve work for external dissemination; create and maintain a high performance environment characterized by transformational leadership and a strong team orientation; communicate regularly with staff on progress toward defined goals and/or required results providing specific feedback and initiating corrective action when defined goals and/or results are not met; evaluate employees at scheduled intervals; 

Research and Analysis
•Oversee the analysis of the current environment to identify emerging trends to recommend opportunities to optimize and leverage limited resources to improve public health;
•Manage and supervise comprehensive research to make recommendations to Executive Staff regarding policy and procedural decisions;
•Maintain knowledge of current public health trends, policies, and developments and providing consultation on new and innovative public health planning efforts and projects;
•Consult and offer technical assistance in planning and partnerships, including but not limited to: coordinating & facilitating groups; conducting complex research and statistical analysis; monitoring timelines and milestones; anticipating, recognizing and resolving problems; developing alternative solutions; consulting with staff, gaining consensus, educating staff; estimating budgetary impact; communicating & providing periodic status updates. 

Policy, Financial and Procedural Compliance
•Control and monitor projects, ensuring compliance with federal & state law; which calls for continuous review and analysis of federal & state law; 
•Oversee budget and funding administration and adherence;
•Develop and recommend timelines, milestones, budget parameters and appropriate actions for projects;
•Manages, monitors & develops agency contracts and grants throughout service areas and sources. 

Education and Experience
Master’s degree in public administration, public health, community development, social sciences, business administration or closely related field and 5 years of professional experience and knowledge of supervisory principles and practices. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
– Public health planning, evidence based practices, health equity and
minority health, grant administration.  

Skills – Written and verbal communication, relationship building, time management, leadership, performance evaluation, reporting, public speaking, quality improvement techniques, decision making, attention to detail, teamwork, planning, computer skills, and multi-tasking. 

Experience desired includes: developing and/or implementing collective health planning. 

Physical Demands and Work Environment
This position is set in an office environment. While performing the duties of this job, employees are frequently required to stand, walk, lift, and reach. 10% in-state travel may be required.


If education, certification or licensure is required to meet qualifications, applicants must provide documentation at the time of interview.

All applicants are subject to a background check and must be legally authorized to work in the United States without visa sponsorship.


Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

No additional information will be accepted after the application has been submitted.


Veteran's Preference Points Apply only for initial appointment in the Classified Service.