Security and Facility Operations Manager

Region III

Recruitment #210401-UNCI-I05


Region III

Salary:  $4,697.67 monthly

This is an unclassified position; selections will be made without the use of an interview committee per OP-110235 V.A.

Oklahoma Department of Corrections
Unclassified Job Descriptor

Basic Purpose:
Positions in this job are responsible for monitoring and inspecting all areas of security which include but are not limited to facility security, security and safety operations and ensuring corrective action is taken.

Typical Functions:
*Monitor and complete follow-up inspections on deficiencies identified in security audits; monitor compliance with the master roster, compete annual review of master roster and post charts. Conduct on site facility visits and conduct spot checks of equipment inventory.
*Schedule and coordinate annual facility shakedowns and schedule and direct quarterly meetings with Deputy Wardens and Chiefs of Security. Develop and schedule annual Level II emergency drills at each facility.
*Complete on site inspections of Correctional Emergency Response to ensure equipment is appropriately inventoried, stored and maintained; review and assess CERT response time. Schedule and direct CERT drills.
*Coordinating activities for the statewide hostage negotiation teams. Ensure compliance with department regarding hostage teams and hostage situations; and ensure training and selection of hostage team members is consistent. Ensure needed equipment and supplies for the teams are adequate and functional.
*Supervise budget and staff of assigned area.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Knowledge of, and skill in directing and coordinating the activities of others and the operations of a correctional facility; to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; to establish and maintain effective working relationships, to organize and manage several projects simultaneously; and to analyze complex and security sensitive situations and adopt an appropriate course of action.

Education and Experience:

Statutorily Required: N/A

Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology, sociology, criminology, education, corrections, human relations, guidance and counseling, administration, criminal justice administration, penology or closely related field and three (3) years of supervisory or administrative experience in corrections, or an equivalent combination of education and experience substituting one year of experience in correctional work for a government agency for each thirty semester hours of the required education.

Preferred Qualifications: Bachelors’ degree and three (3) years of supervisory or administrative experience in a correctional institution or closely related work.

Job Code: 9716 DOC Pay Grade: 11 Statutory Reference(s): 74 O.S. Supp. 1996, 840-5.11, B Effective Date: 09-01-06


Veteran’s preference points apply only for initial appointment in the classified service.