Historic Preservation Specialist I

Survey Coordinator

Recruitment #210319-U14A-I01


Historic Preservation Specialist, Level I,
Job location:
Oklahoma History Center SHPO Office 800 Nazih Zuhdi OKC, OK 73105

• Develops research designs for architectural/historic survey projects and implements the designs through archival and field research.
• Prepares complex reports detailing architectural/historic survey project results.
• Prepares National Register of Historic Places Nominations in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Guidelines for Evaluation and Registration and the division's established policies.
• Reviews complex reports and other documents prepared by professional consultants and others.
• Develops scopes of work for the procurement of professional services.
• Monitors contracts with professional consultants and advises supervisor about project progress and compliance.
• Provides maintenance and completes error correction tasks for the division’s electronic database of architectural/historic resources.
• Presents programs about Oklahoma's architectural/historic resources and about the division's architectural/historic survey program.
• Prepares articles for publication about the division's architectural/historic survey program and about architectural/historic properties recorded in the Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory.


Positions in this job family are responsible for identification, evaluation, documentation, registration, planning, education programs and other activities designed to protect Oklahoma’s significant archeological and historic properties.  The activities and programs are carried out in accordance with the National Historic Preservation Act and the associated regulations, standards, and guidelines established by the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

NOTE:  Under the National Historic Preservation Act, the Governor of each State designates the State Historic Preservation Officer to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the federal preservation programs for that State.  The SHPO employs professional staff, in accordance with federal standards, to perform the related duties.  In Oklahoma, the program is assigned to the Oklahoma Historical Society.  The agency receives an annual allocation from the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Historic Preservation Fund which partially covers the program costs (60%), and the State of Oklahoma is responsible for the balance of these costs (40%).


The Historic Preservation Specialist job family consists of three levels which are distinguished on the basis of the responsibility and complexity of work, experience required and the responsibility assigned for the development and coordination of assigned programs.

Level I:    
This is the basic entry level position in which incumbents develop skills in the identification, evaluation, and documentation of archeological and historic properties and learn the basic principles of cultural resource management.  Incumbents work under general supervision.  The majority of the responsibilities assigned involve conducting archival and field research, evaluating archeological and historic properties documented by others, and assisting in the maintenance of cultural resources survey and inventory data.


Level I:    
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of a bachelor’s degree in archeology, anthropology, architectural history, art history, historic preservation, history, architecture or closely related fields which includes nine semester hours in American history and one year of experience in research and professional writing in a related field associated with one of the degree areas; or an equivalent combination of education and experience substituting one year of qualifying experience for each year of the required education.


Positions in the Oklahoma Historical Society require specialized training and experience as specified by the U.S. Department of the Interior.



At least one professionally qualified incumbent in each of the disciplines of archeology, architectural history, architecture, and history must be included on the State Historical Preservation Office staff to maintain program certification.  The Oklahoma Historical Society will specify the discipline in which candidates for employment must be qualified.




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