Pharmacy Technician I

Recruitment #210226-X25A-I01


This position is located at Griffin Memorial Hospital in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Pharmacy Technician I

Pharmacy Technician I needed at Jim Taliaferro Community Mental Health Center (JTCMHC) in Lawton, OK. Are you interested in working with an established, dynamic organization with proven practices and drive to excel?  Join our team of dedicated and experienced medical staff who provide outstanding direct psychiatric services for adults, children and adolescents. This is the career level where employees are assigned responsibilities for assisting registered pharmacists in filling prescriptions, maintaining an inventory of drugs and medicines and other related technical duties.  Limited responsibilities may be assigned for providing training and assistance to pharmacy clerks. Knowledge, skills and abilities required at this level include knowledge of pharmaceutical inventory system; of basic pharmacology; of the procedures followed in filling, labeling and distributing medical prescriptions; of the use of scales, measures and other dispensing devices; and of hospital supply procurement procedures.  Ability is required to follow pharmacist's instructions precisely; and to complete necessary records on drug supply and issuance.

This position requires the knowledge of basic inventory methods; of record keeping; of basic math and English; and of the use of scales and balances. Ability is required to follow precise oral and written instructions; and to operate scales and counting equipment.
Reasonable accommodation to individuals with disabilities may be provided upon request.  EOE


Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities for assisting in filling prescriptions and dispensing drugs in a state institution or hospital; may compound drugs under close supervision.


The Pharmacy Technician job family consists of two levels which are distinguished based on the complexity of the assigned duties and the expertise required to complete assigned tasks.

Level I:    
This is the basic level where employees primarily perform routine clerical work in maintaining and accounting for an inventory of drugs and other medicines for a pharmacy at a state institution or other facility.


Level I:    
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of six months of experience as a pharmacy clerk or work involving the maintenance of inventory records; or an equivalent combination of education and experience, substituting the completion of fifteen semester hours of college course work for the required experience.


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