Oklahoma State Parks Deputy Director

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Oklahoma State Parks Deputy Director

The Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department’s (OTRD) mission is to advance the exceptional quality of life in Oklahoma by preserving, maintaining, and promoting our natural assets and cultural amenities.

OTRD is seeking a full-time unclassified Deputy Director to assist in the planning and coordinating professional activities for the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department in OKC, OK. OTRD offers a comprehensive benefits package, including a benefit allowance to offset the cost of insurance premiums for employees and their eligible dependents. The annual salary for this position is $75,000.

This position is a full-time senior-level job located in the Oklahoma City Office that reports to the Director of State Parks, which will require a high level of autonomy with appropriate level of coordination within the delegated duties. This position will require the ability to handle issues as they arise within the directives and protocols of the Department, such as floods, natural disasters, law enforcement issues, emergencies, land issues, employee issues, construction projects, and other related occurrences as determined by the Director of State Parks. This position will be a key decision-maker and may be required to be a decision-maker if the Director of State Parks is unavailable, or such decision making has been delegated.
Typical Functions:
• Using data trends to build projections to the parks regarding park visitation, usage, and booking.
• Identifying and interpreting relevant data to provide projections regarding usage, occupancy rates, and derived income.
• The ability to recognize, identify, and articulate key concerns regarding parks concessionaires during negotiation and management of concessionaire contracts.
• Effective mediation skills and the ability to effectively communicate the concerns and importance of issues between the Concessionaires and the Department.
• Monitoring and ensuring compliance in various concessionaire contracts throughout the system considering both the Department and its federal partners. Take preliminary enforcement actions for non-compliant concessionaires.
• Observing and identifying system-wide issues or shortcomings within the system. Work with staff to address, rectify, and correct systemic issues, including housekeeping, hospitality, maintenance, employment, and other system-wide issues.
• Handling logistics associated with materials, equipment, personnel, and other commodities that are needed within the State Park System. This task can include assisting with procurement, design, cost, and related issues.
• Supervising and collaborating with other employees working on various projects, including the development of reports, products, potential concessions, and master plans.
• Actively managing progress on Park Administration Projects to make sure deadlines are met. Travel is inherent with this role as frequent trips to Oklahoma State Parks will be required, both planned and unplanned. This role will serve as a representative of the Oklahoma City Office to various staff in a variety of situations. Travel will be expected not less than 25% of the time, which may require trips covering multiple days and nights depending on the situation.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• Highly skilled in the use of all Microsoft products; knowledge of Oklahoma State Parks and general information about each park facility; Knowledge of programs available to do internal and external surveys.
• Significant familiarity with computer operations as well as obtaining tools needed for performing various jobs.
• Skills in triage of issues brought to the Executive Director or the Executive Deputy Director that need to be researched and then addressed in a timely fashion with the ability to offer multiple solutions.
• Demonstrated skills in dealing with all types of people and in high-level customer service.
• Knowledge of existing resources within the Division of State Parks which are necessary to developing various work products
• Ability to develop coherent narrative reports and graphics which represent components of the material concisely.
• Knowledge of supervision and providing valuable direction to subordinates.
• The ability to identify legal issues and consult Department’s General Counsel.

Minimum Qualifications:
A degree in park and recreation or public administration or related areas plus one year of experience is desirable. Extensive experience in work areas that support Park Administrative functions can be a substitute for degree requirements based on the work performed and experiences obtained. Experience in supervising employees is valuable.

Preferred Qualifications:
Preferred skills include any experience with property rights, GIS, and legal property descriptions.


Veteran’s preference points apply only for initial appointment in the classified service.