Medicolegal Death Investigator

Recruitment #200824-UNCG-14



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Medicolegal Death Investigator

Location of position – Northeastern Oklahoma**
~ Must live in Northeastern Oklahoma ~

$35,656.95-$51,975.00 Annual Salary*
*Starting annual salary is $35,656.95 and is non-negotiable.  Yearly raises are based on positive performance reviews*
Description of Duties:
This is an entry level position with the State of Oklahoma, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME). Upon completion of the training academy, the investigator will be assigned to field duty which will require the ability to function in a solo work capacity. This job requires the investigator to determine if a death falls under OCME’s statutory duties and investigate those deaths that fall under OCME jurisdiction. The investigator will be required to communicate with various entities and relay the statues and the mission of OCME. As an investigator, you will talk to a variety of individuals that include, but are not limited to: law enforcement officers, physicians, nurses, lawyers, funeral directors, and grieving family members.

An investigator with OCME is required to be a visible representation of this agency and must adhere to agency policies, guidelines, and must maintain an ambassador role both on and off duty.

This position is both physically and mentally demanding. The investigator must have the physical stamina and strength to work assigned shifts under all indoor and outdoor environmental conditions, drive safely for extended periods of time, endure frequent periods of sleep deprivation, lift (at least 100 pounds) and move bodies in various stages of postmortem change, as well as climb, bend, stoop, twist or otherwise work in a confined or difficult condition/terrain in order to investigate deaths. Additionally, the investigator must be able to draw toxicology specimens from a decedent, diagram injuries, fingerprint decedents, and complete an investigative report.

The employee is required to complete the training academy. The length of the academy will be determined based on the level of the skills development of the recruits, but you can expect a minimum of 10 weeks. The academy will require extended periods of time away from family and friends.  Applicants and recruits must meet the physical and mental requirements of the job. The training academy is an in-house training program. The employee will primarily complete training in Tulsa, OK with some on the job field training in the employee’s assigned district. 

Coverage Area:
District 5 Counties (Osage, Pawnee, Washington, Nowata, Craig, Ottawa, Rogers, Mayes, Delaware, Cherokee and Adair)**. There will be times an investigator is required to travel outside of their coverage boundary to investigate deaths when there is an open district area.

Special Requirements:
An investigator is required to live in one of the District 5 counties**.The investigator will respond to calls/scene investigations from home and while on the road.

If you do not currently live in the district, you would be required to by the end of training. OCME does not pay any moving expenses and does not provide a relocation package. The salary is non-negotiable.

The schedule is 24 hours on (waiting to be engaged) and 48 hours off, from 07:00-07:00 the following day. If you are engaged in a scene investigation at the end of your shift, you will be required to complete that investigation and report even after the scheduled “off” time.

OCME will provide all required equipment.

The employee is required to complete college level work in the training academy.  Must maintain the physical and mental stamina to perform the work and willingness to accept the physical and mental discomforts inherent in the work.  Must be at least 21 years of age and possess a valid Oklahoma Driver’s License.
 An associate degree in law enforcement with practical experience in death investigation is preferred. 
*At the option of the Chief Medical Examiner, years of experience in related fields may substitute for education or other stated qualifications. 

Work Experience:
Experience in medical technology, emergency medical service or prior field agency employment in another medicolegal investigative office which is responsible for a similar work product to that of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Oklahoma. 


Veteran's Preference Points apply only for initial appointment in the Classified Service.