Chief Medical Officer

Medical Administration

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Medical Administration

Salary: $15,783.75 - $18,551.50 monthly

Salary is based on education and experience. 

This is an unclassified position; selections will be made without the use of an interview committee per OP-110235 V.A.

Oklahoma Department of Corrections
Unclassified Job Descriptor

Basic Purpose:
Under direction of the Division Manager of Health Services, is responsible for the administration of medical services to offenders sentenced to incarceration in Oklahoma Department of Corrections state operated and contracted facilities. The Chief Medical Officer is the primary advisor on all administrative and clinical matters related to health care within the Department of Corrections.

Typical Functions:
*Formulates, develops, implements and monitors standards of care and procedures and protocols for a constitutionally sound health care delivery system. Standards will be compatible with community standards and American Correctional Association standards. Reviews all policies and procedures at least annually. Monitors compliance with current local, state and federal law and guidelines of regulatory agencies impacting health care. Takes corrective action as necessary to ensure
*Develops and monitors a system of accountability through quality improvement processes, utilization reviews and cost containment, review of major occurrences, morbidity and mortality reviews, pharmacy and therapeutics reviews. Evaluates
scope, availability, accessibility and acceptability of services.
*Provides direction for the recruitment and retention of health care personnel. Evaluates clinical performance of health care staff. Ensures proper credentialing and supervision of clinical staff in accordance with law. Provides for regular peer reviews of staff. Identifies and provides opportunities for professional and career development of staff.
*Represents the department on issues of health care with internal and external stakeholders to include executive and legislative branches of government, federal, state and local health agencies, professional health care organizations and
contracted facilities. Establishes liaison and works to improve delivery of services between the department and community health providers such as jails, hospitals, universities and consultants providing care to offenders.
*Ensures current standards are met for communicable disease control, chronic illness management, obstetrical services and preventative care. Approves transfers of offenders to facilities for medical reasons. Makes regular site visits to all clinics and facilities.
*Provides input for improvements in capital planning in relation to health care facilities. Provides input on medical requirements of private prison contracts. Assists in the development and monitoring of third party contracts related to acquisition and timely procurement and payment for medical services.
*Manages grievances and legal processes related to health care. Prepares administrative and technical reports related to health care services. Provides input for corrective actions in response to the Office of Inspector General's investigative reports involving health care staff.
*Ensures proper maintenance of health care records in accordance with law. Acquires and ensures maintenance of record systems and equipment for accurate delivery of health care and recording of all medical services.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Extensive knowledge of contemporary principles and practices of general and correctional medical care of adults. Knowledge of federal, state and local laws related to the delivery of health care, confidentiality guidelines, employment and credentialing of staff. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with medical and non-medical audiences. Skill in leadership and management.

Education and Experience:

Statutorily Required: N/A

Minimum Qualifications:
Unrestricted license to practice medicine in the state of Oklahoma and unrestricted license to prescribe controlled substances. Registration with the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. Six (6) years of professional experience, including three (3) years in an administrative capacity in a health care agency or institution.

Preferred: Board certification in family, osteopathic or surgical medicine and experience in correctional medicine.

Job Code: 2713 DOC Pay Grade: Medical Statutory Reference: 74 O.S. § 840-5.5 or 5.11 Effective Date: 04-30-14


Veteran’s preference points apply only for initial appointment in the classified service.

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