Environmental/Chemical Laboratory Scientist II

Recruitment #200519-R10B-I01


Located in the State Environmental Laboratory Services Division, Metals Unit in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This position may be filled as a level I or II. Applicants MUST apply for all levels for which they qualify in order to be considered for that level. Each level has its own recruitment announcement posted simultaneously with this announcement.

Major Job Duties:
1. Perform testing on public water, private water, hazardous waste, soils, and other environmental samples in support of state and federally funded environmental projects using approved standard operating procedures (SOPs) and work instruction documents. 
2. Prioritize and plan analysis on samples, including required quality control, according to State Environmental Laboratory (SEL) policies. Review, validate and accurately enter all sample results, quality control data, and quality assurance information into the laboratory information management system and quality control databases.
3. Thoroughly document all actions and decisions associated with the generation of analytical data as well as the maintenance of instruments and equipment.
4. Assist with the inventory control of all supplies and consumables required to perform testing. Assist with general housekeeping to include sample control and disposal.
5. Conduct all work in accordance with the Laboratory Safety Manual, Laboratory Quality Assurance Plan, Data Quality Manual, and SELS Ethics Program.
6. Assist with the review and development of technical/operational SOPs and work instruction documents.

Special Requirements:
The candidate must have strong written and verbal communication skills. Must be able to read, understand and interpret technical/scientific documents, regulations and methodologies. Candidate may be required to work after hours or on weekends to meet operational demands and must be able to independently lift 25 lbs.

EEO Employer


Positions in this family are responsible for planning, performing, implementing and supervising laboratory analyses, quality assurance and special studies.  This includes analyses and studies used to determine compliance with state and federal rules, consumer protection regulations, agriculture products standards, highway construction materials specifications, and environmental quality of lakes, rivers, aquifers and air. These positions will provide consultation and assistance in the formulation of regulations and standards.  Laboratory specialty areas will include chemistry, biology and physics.


The Environmental/Chemical Laboratory Scientist job family has four levels of work which are distinguished by the complexity of assignments, the level of expertise required to perform the duties assigned, and the responsibility for providing leadership to others.

Level II:
This is the career level of the job family, where employees are assigned duties and responsibilities at the full performance level including performing less complicated analyses or studies in a specialized area such as metals, organics, or biology, and may assist with more complex analyses.  Employees may further specialize by moving into more refined areas such as gas chromatography mass spectrometry.  In this role they will plan and outline normal work activities, interpret data and results, maintain records, and make recommendations related to the analyses and studies performed.  Emphasis is placed on the accuracy and precision of testing and in the achievement of optimum utilization of equipment methods and procedures used in laboratory analysis.


Level II:
Education and Experience requirements for entry at this level consist of a bachelor's degree in chemistry, biological or environmental science PLUS one year of professional level experience in a laboratory; OR a master’s degree in chemistry or biological or environmental science..  


Applicant must upload a copy of their transcript to their application submission

No additional information will be accepted after the application has been submitted.