Disability Determination Technician III

Recruitment #200311-K12C-01


Location: Disability Determination Division – OKC

Essential Functions: 
Conducts initial review of diverse and complex Social Security Administration (SSA) disability claims.  Identifies deficiencies and contacts Social Security Administration Field Office personnel for resolution. Accesses, under SSA security clearance, confidential information such as personal demographics, social security numbers, earnings records, work histories, prior disability filings and medical information using Social Security Electronic Query Systems and Social Security Disability Claims Systems.  Identifies, enters and transfers sensitive information electronically to the appropriate destination within the various SSA operating systems. Maintains primary responsibility for caseloads requiring limited development at the initial and appellate levels, including disability cases from the Office of Disability Adjudicative Review, Disability Hearings Unit and in areas where cases are developed and await assignment to professional disability staff. Assists in caseload management in the absence of professional disability staff and refers cases to program management for final determination. Reviews disability allegations and medical evidence of record to determine which disability cases need special handling (suicide/homicide potential, dire financial need, special medical needs, low birth weight babies and terminal illness) and expedites these cases for assignment to professional disability staff. Monitors consultative examination providers to ensure that scheduling is correct and medical reports are received timely. Arranges for the purchase of medical evidence of record and consultative physical and mental examinations, as well as facilitates transportation for disability claimants.  Upon receipt, verifies medical records are complete prior to authorizing payment in accordance with Social Security Administration and Disability Determination Division policies and procedures. Performs technical reviews on completed disability cases to ensure compliance with state and federal requirements including the Social Security Disability Program and the Disability Determination Division policies and procedures.

Interviews and corresponds with claimants, Disability Determination Specialists, attorneys, third party representatives, medical professionals, SSA personnel, Administrative Law Judges and vendors to collect additional information to respond to inquiries regarding various aspects of the SSA Disability program. Trains other staff within this job family. Performs tasks related to general office operations.

Performs other duties as assigned.

Probationary period (or trial period if applicable) is required.


ALL SOURCES – Applicants, without previous classified state service, those that are in the unclassified status OR currently in probationary status, must apply through the Office of Management and Enterprise Services OKJOBS on-line External Listings applicant system (www.jobaps.com/ok/). 

Current State of Oklahoma employees with permanent status in the classified service, or those having reinstatement rights must apply through the Office of Management and Enterprise Services OKJOBS on-line Internal Listings applicant system (www.jobaps.com/OK/promo.asp). 

For questions regarding specific duties or details of this job, please contact Human Resources at HR@okdrs.gov

For inquiries on the application process or general application inquiries, please contact Applicant Services at (405)521-2177.

An Equal Opportunity Employer


Positions in this job family provide skilled adjudicative and administrative support to professional Disability Determination Division staff responsible for determining eligibility for disability benefits for applicants throughout the state of Oklahoma under the provisions of the Federal Social Security Administration.


Level III:
Incumbents at this advanced level, under general supervision, are assigned diverse and complex work activities within the Social Security Disability Program including disability case development and processing.  Incumbents initiate medical development, arrange for specialized consultative mental and physical examinations and subsequently manage a caseload of disability cases requiring limited development.  Incumbents assist with public relations activities, including recruiting new medical vendors and providing oversight for timeliness and completeness of consultative examinations.  The incumbent will conduct training for lower level employees.  Refers cases to professional staff for developmental action or adjudication using knowledge of case development. 


Level III:           
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of one year of technical clerical office work, public contact work or an equivalent combination of education and experience PLUS three (3) years of experience in the Social Security Disability Program at a designated state agency.


Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

No additional information will be accepted after the application has been submitted.

Selection Plan

Scores based on:  100% Evaluation of Education and Experience listed on the application.

***NOTE:  Names of eligible applicants can be made available to State agencies upon their request, immediately following the closing date and time.