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Construction Industries Board
Attn: Janis Hubbard, Administrator
2401 N.W. 23rd, STE 2F
Oklahoma City, OK 73107


Salary Range:
Commensurate with experience and qualifications.

This position serves as the agency’s public relations and information liaison, administrative special project coordinator, legislative and governmental relations liaison, as well as providing outreach support to the Administrator.  The Public Relations and Outreach Officer works under the direction of the Administrator to perform assigned administrative duties.

This position will perform public relations responsibilities, independent research and assist the Administrator in serving as a liaison for public relations needs by creating a positive public relations environment, providing creative and helpful presentations of agency, trade and regulatory information, and developing research information, educational and other materials as it relates to key issues.  This position is to demonstrate strong written and verbal communication and problem-solving skills along with high-level professionalism and organizational skills while working as part of a team. The position will expedite day-to-day activities of the CIB by also providing communications for public information including producing and maintaining social media and website information and responses to information requests that assure effective communication of the agency’s mission, core functions, and regulations to the public, workforce, elected officials, other government agencies and various industry and professional groups. 

The CIB is a mission-driven organization that strives to accomplish its core functions and to educate about trade regulations to protect life and property by regulation and inspection of the related trades for the health, safety and welfare of the public.  As the need arises to assist the Administrator with certain regular administrative or special administrative projects and duties, this position will assess it, advise the Administrator of options, coordinate, manage, and perform it when needed, and perform other duties as assigned by the Administrator, working with designated staff when needed.

This position is responsible for coordination of responses to and resolutions of issues identified by the Governor’s office, Legislature, other government agencies, and community organizations working with the Administrator and designated agency staff to gain a sufficient understanding of the significant issues and to determine the most appropriate course of action or response. As the CIB does not determine policy, but administers what the Legislature and Governor have enacted, experience for this position should include relevant experience outside of targeted political campaigns.  This position may assist the Administrator in being a point of contact for matters before the State Legislature, assisting in leading the CIB through the legislative process, monitoring legislative developments, advising on the impact of proposed legislation, legislative outreach and education initiatives, advising on legislative issues potentially impacting the core functions of the CIB.

On-call availability may be necessary.  Regular reporting to the Administrator on duties and projects is required.  Job performance will be evaluated by the Administrator.

Further, this position performs other duties as assigned.

• Assists the CIB Administrator with management of CIB social media, and public relations projects and the CIB Office Manager with social media pages, the CIB website, etc.
• Researches, prepares and edits informational materials for various presentations, agency news releases, newsletters, brochures, website content, social media and public relations for review by the Administrator; and may attend meetings and events as directed by the Administrator.
• Assists the Administrator in duties as assigned, administrative projects, identifies areas of need for special projects assisting in the flow of information; and other duties as assigned.
• Assists in researching, monitoring, analyzing and tracking legislation related to the CIB. May assist the Administrator in representing the CIB at legislative committee meetings. Actively keeps the Administrator apprised of any related legislative activity and develops educational presentations for legislative understanding of the regulations and authority of the CIB. Identify and develop outreach and opportunities for education for elected officials and legislators.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required at this level include ability to perform the essential job responsibilities and functions described above, including but not limited to, ability to: comprehend,  learn, interpret and apply state laws and regulations including those concerning open meetings, administrative and legislative procedures, the CIB, and other state and agency laws and policies; communicate trade requirements and agency policies and procedures; plan, organize and coordinate meetings and projects; independently perform high-level and technical administrative duties; establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; apply knowledge of basic research techniques; analyze situations, define problems, collect data, establish facts, draw valid conclusions, recommend or select an effective course of action in decision-making; public relations principles and techniques, protocol and etiquette; gather and analyze data; plan, compose, and edit communications; the principles and practices of administration and management; receive and carry out instructions; handle work with tact and discretion; work under tight deadlines; manage multiple priorities effectively; and have competency in current office technologies, business communications and the use of applicable information technology. 

This position requires a demonstrated commitment in taking responsibility for and use of good judgment, continuous attention to detail, extensive communication skills, and development and maintenance of effective working relationships with the Governor’s office, legislators, public officials, professional groups, interest groups, government organizations, and the CIB staff and board members: also, ability to handle confidential work; exercise sound discretion; and to analyze complex situations, proactively develop appropriate communications that effectively frame messages and utilize communications channels to prevent or address potential issues for the agency, or its clients, and make effective decisions. Expertise in public relations and outreach with expertise in developing and maintaining cooperative relationships with media, government agencies, and elected officials, demonstrate continuous support and cooperation to customers, coworkers, and others, and have expertise in the legislative process, ability to comprehend and analyze legislation.

A strong interest in the agency’s core functions and mission is required. Ability to plan, organize, prioritize, and complete work assignments is needed. Strong verbal and written communication skills, attention to detail, with proven ability to write and edit; knowledge of accepted styles for materials released to various media; uphold and practice public relations principles and codes of ethics; to deliver informational presentations; establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; build consensus and goodwill; and communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Must have a working knowledge of a variety of social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. Must have a thorough knowledge of the legislative process; knowledge of office policies, practices and procedures; and proficiency in Microsoft Word and other similar computer programs.

Must be able to walk distances, stand for extended periods of time, grab, push, and lift.  This position requires significant desk and computer time.

This position must have the knowledge and ability to fulfill the responsibilities, functions and expectations contained in this position description.  At a minimum, a candidate must have a baccalaureate degree, or equivalent education or experience of not less than five (5) years of related experience.  Proven experience of working in public relations/information, communications and/or legislative affairs experience is required.  Writing samples may be required.

• Be free of direct or perceived conflicts of interests.  *Applicants must provide a statement in their application of whether or not they, or any client within the last two (2) years, have a conflict of interest with the interests of the CIB or an interest that a reasonable person could perceive as a conflict of interest. 
• Experience in communications (5 years)
• Experience in public relations, public information (5 years)
• Experience in social media, computer skills (5 years)
• Experience in administrative procedures, duties and projects, regular and special (5 years)
• High level administrative project management experience
• Legislative or legislative liaison experience (5 years)
• Degree or equivalent experience

Preference may be given to Candidates with:
• Experience working with the laws and regulations governing the licensing acts administered by the CIB, the CIB’s mission or operations, or the skilled trades licensed/registered under the CIB

Travel on an “as needed” basis.  Must be able to safely and legally operate a motor vehicle and travel, including overnight, when needed. Travel reimbursement will be at the state rate pursuant to the State Travel Reimbursement Act and any state or agency rules, policies, or executive orders.

Full/Part-time position, as needed and negotiated.  The CIB considers alternative work arrangements for this position appropriate to consider in determining what is best suited for the characteristics of the agency’s needs, the individual, the position and the supervisor in order to save incurring unnecessary costs for state government and as a recruitment and/or retention tool by the supervisor.  Alternative work arrangements are not an entitlement. Following state and agency laws and policies, performance metrics and reporting procedures will be established including the requirement to account for activities, time and quality of performance sufficient to evaluate whether agency requirements are met, satisfactorily or not.

This position has no supervisory responsibilities.

This job description is intended as a summary of the primary responsibilities, qualifications and duties for this position.  The job description is not intended as inclusive of all duties an individual in this position might be asked to perform or of all qualifications that may be required now or in the future. 

The Construction Industries Board is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. It is the policy of the Construction Industries Board to not discriminate against or deny equal employment opportunity to any applicant or employee on the grounds of race, sex, color, age, national origin, genetic information, religion, or disability, so long as the disability does not render the person unable to do the work for which employed. All employees of the Construction Industries Board are “at will” employees. Applicants will not be discriminated against before or during their employment.




Veteran’s preference points apply only for initial appointment in the classified service.