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Health Care Management Nurse III

Recruitment #180709-Y15C-I02


This job family has been revised.  Please refresh spec before opening.


Announcement #: 18-R074
Organization:  Aging-Personal Care
Address: 50 NE 23rd Street, Oklahoma City, OK  73105

***Position may be housed in county where selected candidate resides***

Job Description, essential functions:
This position supervises 8 HCMN II positions across the state. This position will determine appropriateness for Nursing Home Medicaid applicants. This position will also provide training for nursing staff and agencies on Nursing Facility.

Job description, marginal functions:
This position is responsible for management of the Nursing Home Unit Staff and is also responsible for the development and updating of NF policy as needed.

Preference Statement:
Must have experience with LTC programs, SPPC, ADvantage Waiver and Nursing Facility.

For specific questions regarding this position please contact the HR Field Liaison in Aging Services 918-933-4900.



Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities in reviewing, auditing and analyzing nursing and health care services provided by direct care providers to insure that the appropriate health care resources are used at the appropriate level to meet the health care needs of clients.  This includes assessing, evaluating and allocating appropriate health care resources to meet individual needs and the evaluation of the quality of services rendered by various providers in a variety of settings.


The Health Care Management Nurse job family has three levels which are distinguished based on the complexity of dealing with various levels of health care needs and issues, the responsibility for evaluating health management plans and programs, or the responsibility for providing leadership to others.  Because of the experience and knowledge required to perform assessments of health care needs and plan for meeting those needs, entry into this job family is at the career level.

Level III:   
This is the leadership level where incumbents are assigned responsibility for the supervision of other staff involved in identifying, planning, implementing and evaluating health care services and assuring the completion of assigned tasks.  Employees at this level design complex health care management systems and modifications as needed by analyzing existing health care systems for effectiveness and efficiency and make recommendations to top level administrators concerning modifications and improvements to meet the health care needs of clients.


Level III:    
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of possession of a valid permanent Oklahoma license as a registered nurse as approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing and six years of professional nursing experience, including three years in a managed care or home health care program.


Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

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