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Agriculture Field Inspector III

Meat & Poultry Compliance Officer

Recruitment #180606-L16C-I01


(Internal Applicants Only)
Must be a current Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry employee to apply for this position.

Agricultural Field Inspector Level III, L16C
Meat & Poultry Compliance Officer

• Perform wide-ranging investigations in the enforcement of the Oklahoma meat and poultry inspection laws.

• Obtain and prepare evidence, information, records and other data of alleged violations.

• Prepare written investigation reports that are accurate, detailed, and descriptive.

• Collect, prepare and submit meat and poultry samples for laboratory analysis as necessary.

• Prepare and submit the Report of Apparent Violation after completion of case investigation.

• Plan and conduct compliance reviews of slaughter and/or meat plants, retail stores, restaurants, institutions, public cold storage facilities, transportation companies, rendering plants, animal food plants and individuals subject to Oklahoma meat and poultry inspection laws.

• Document “Compliance Record Follow-up” reports after reviews of businesses in the Planned Compliance Review Program.

• Prepare daily, weekly, monthly and special reports and submit to supervisor, USDA, district attorneys and other legal authorities as required.

• Submit a monthly consolidation report by the end of the 2nd working day of the following month.

• Investigate truck accidents involving animals and poultry amenable to Oklahoma meat and poultry inspection laws and products derived from each.

• Determine proper disposition of truck accident products, animals and poultry, and make necessary notifications and verifications.

• Fill out accident reports.

• Investigate consumer complaints regarding meat and poultry.

• Investigate illegal slaughter activities.

• Consult with and advise plant managers, owners and other individuals on the requirements of Oklahoma meat and poultry inspection laws with minimal or no supervisory assistance.

• Coordinate with and provide technical assistance to federal, local and other state agencies in investigations concerning public health matters with minimal or no supervisory assistance.

• On 24 hour call, 7 days a week, to respond to truck accidents and conduct other investigations as necessary.

• Proficient in use of laptop computers.

• Successfully complete all USDA and State training.

• Maintain a valid drivers license and perform all required travel.

• Spend nights away from home, as necessary, to perform job duties.

• Arrive at work on time and be flexible with job assignments, lunch hours and break periods.

• Reset priorities based on changing situations.

• Maintain clear, professional communication with customers, other employees and supervisors.

• Respond calmly under pressure.

• Schedule work assignment and travel to best utilize time and resources.

• Maintain a current knowledge of and ability to enforce Oklahoma meat and poultry inspection laws.




Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities involving planning, conducting, coordinating and supervising technical and professional work operations related to an assigned agricultural program or in an assigned area or district to ensure compliance with applicable federal and state laws, rules, and regulations and to provide protection for consumers and others within the industry.  Responsibilities include performing inspections, grading, reporting, samplings, surveys, and investigations, reviewing and approving federal grants, providing consultative services, and specialized functions such as market reporting.


This job family consists of five levels which are distinguished based on the complexity of job assignments, the level of expertise required to perform assigned duties, and the responsibility assigned for the leadership of others or the management of assigned functions.

Level III:
This is the specialist level of this job family where employees are assigned independent responsibilities for performing advanced level work in the management of a single or multi-program agricultural, environmental, animal health, or consumer protection area.  Employees at this level will have a clear specialization in an agricultural related discipline and may be recognized as an expert in the assigned specialty.  The work is generally performed with a high degree of technical and administrative freedom to plan, develop, organize, and conduct all phases of the work necessary for completion within broad program guidelines.


Level III:
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of a bachelor’s degree in an agricultural, biological, plant, animal, physical or natural science, food technology, or a closely related field plus two additional year of qualifying inspection experience or administrative or managerial experience in an agricultural related field; or an equivalent combination of education and experience; or possession of the appropriate USDA license prescribed by the contract creating the position.     


Applicants must possess a valid Oklahoma Drivers license and be willing and able to fulfill all job-related travel normally associated with the position. 

Some positions may require that applicants be eligible for registration as a Sanitation-in-Training, possess a valid Oklahoma commercial chauffeurs license, be willing and able to climb ladders; catwalks, or other high objects, be able to lift 50 pounds, and be able to work unusual hours when necessary. 

Some positions may require a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) license as prescribed in the USDA contract. 

Some positions may require certification from an optometrist of having passed a color vision test before entering on duty.


Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

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