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Social Services Inspector II

Recruitment #180605-H22B-I05



Announcement #: 18-N076


Organization:  AF-Monitor and Train Staff
:  Extensive

Job Description, essential functions:
Evaluate AFS business processes by using process maps, facilitate meetings, assist in compiling data to determine AFS needs for OK Benefits. Audit SNAP cases, maintain working knowledge of SNAP policy/procedures, provide coaching and mentoring to county staff as needed to enhance program integrity and staff performance. Compile/analyze data to identify error trends and determine training objectives. Presents review findings to county offices.

Job description, marginal functions:
Create training material: Use of Computer Programs including Power Point, Excel & Visio. Willing to travel within State as necessary.




Positions in this job family are assigned responsibility for conducting internal and external audits and field investigations and performing federally or state mandated quality control audits to evaluate the effectiveness of agency programs.  Some positions will perform follow-up reviews and advocate for clients and program changes . Duties include investigating welfare fraud and employee violations of agency policy, regulations and applicable state and federal laws.  Some positions in this job family will conduct investigations and inquiries to protect the rights of clients, act as client advocate and file grievances on behalf of clients.


This job family consists of four levels which are distinguished by the level of complexity and diversity of the specific job assignments, the extent of responsibility assigned, the expertise required for the completion of the duties assigned and the responsibility assigned for providing leadership to others.

Level II:    
At this level, employees are assigned responsibilities at the full performance level.  In addition to the duties performed at Level I, tasks will include, but are not limited to, carrying a caseload of complex and difficult audits and investigations; preparing material pertinent to the analysis and evaluation of program operations at the local level; analyzing records of selected cases in all counties to determine completeness of documentation of eligibility factors and implementation by the agencies; and analyzing plans for caseworker service.  Documents all eligibility factors on cases selected for review.  Coordinates fraud investigation surveillance activities with other state and federal agencies, assists out-of-state agencies in investigations; may conduct single suspect investigations; may perform investigations in the capacity of a certified peace officer.  In addition, employees at this level review and analyze personnel actions and procedures for compliance with the Oklahoma Personnel Act, Merit Rules for Employment and internal agency policies and regulations, investigate alleged violations of personnel laws and regulations, evaluate findings and prepare reports, make recommendations for correction of noncompliance.  Locate and conduct interviews with selected recipients; check collateral references for verification of essential information pertinent to the case under review; verifies income and other benefits received by client household; summarizes results of investigation and/or reviews conclusions of case review; prepares weekly and monthly reports to supervisor.  Employees will also investigate violations of Medicaid programs and assignment agreements on the part of physicians, hospitals and/or other providers and investigate complaints against the juvenile service system.


Level II:     
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of a bachelor’s degree and three years of professional experience in investigation, auditing, social work, juvenile justice, personnel administration, law enforcement, child support enforcement, or working with person with intellectual disabilities;  or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


Applicants for some positions within the Department of Human Services will be required to possess necessary qualifications to be a Qualified Mental Retardation Professional as defined in the Conditions of Participation for Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded, Code of Federal Regulations, Subpart D, 42 CFR 483.430 (a) and (b)(5).

Some positions may require current certification by the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training as a peace officer.

Some positions may require two years in quality control, auditing or the investigation of abuse, neglect, or exploitation, fraudulent activities in connection with Medicaid or social services programs, or criminal investigations at levels III and IV.

Applicants must be willing and able to fulfill all job-related travel normally associated with this position.


The Department of Human Services has been authorized to use a selective qualification when interviewing applicants for this position.

"Applicant must have two (2) years of experience in AFS Programs."


Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

No additional information will be accepted after the application has been submitted. Policies | About | Accessibility
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