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Agricultural Services Administrator II

Asst Director/Fire Management Chief

Recruitment #180531-L41B-I01


Location: Oklahoma City

This position is assigned responsibilities for planning, organizing and directing the delivery of services and programs related to Oklahoma Forestry Services (OFS) fire protection and forest management.  Responsibilities consist of administrative and managerial work in organizing and directing the OFS wildland firefighting responsibilities as defined by State Statute.  In addition, this position directly supervises the delivery of OFS forest management services to landowners across Oklahoma.

State and Federal Program Administration
: - Oversee and coordinate the implementation of State and Federal fire management programs and incentives including State Fire Operating Grants, State 80/20 Grants, Federal Excess Property, Volunteer Fire Assistance, State Fire Assistance, and applicable assigned LSR grants.
• Coordinate with staff to establish annual targets, accomplish targets within +/- 10%.
• Provide direction to OFS foresters and staff by establishing appropriate policies and standards with respect to fire management. Complete training, educational material development, and other projects required for program implementation and employee development.
• Maintain records of critical spending and accomplishments and coordinate with the division’s comptroller to assure billings are done in a timely manner.
• Complete reporting requirements to the US Forest Service within the established timeframe.
• Attend state, regional and national meetings of significance to Oklahoma’s wildland fire community.
• State Forestry Field Operations and State Fire Program Management – Oversee and manage the primary field operations of the division.  Maintain and promote Division’s statewide role in wildfire protection.
• Provide direction to Division & Area leadership by establishing and managing to appropriate procedures with respect to common forestry and fireline operations and safety (i.e. work/rest ratios, PPR, initial attack standards, etc). 
• Develop and maintain partnerships with other fire organizations having statewide influence on resource protection.
• Monitor and communicate Oklahoma’s fire danger and fire activities as appropriate, make recommendations regarding burn bans.
• Provide input on legislation related to wildland fire, VFDs, prescribed burning, etc.

Training and Safety – Provide leadership and direction for wildland fire training in Oklahoma. 
• Manage OFS internal training and safety program development and implementations.
• Assure an active, functional qualifications review committee that meets at least once each year.
• Complete training, educational material development and other projects as outlined in grants.

Maintain and Improve OFS Emergency Management Response and Incident Management Team – Serve as the primary point of contact for wildfire suppression activities in the State.  Establish and manage OFS Incident Management Team (IMT).
• Maintain and further develop OFS/Oklahoma Emergency Management relationship, especially with regards to ESF4 of State
• Assure every team member is qualified as Type 2 for their position and that each position maintains two qualified individuals for each position. 
• Serve in a leadership capacity for OFS IMT

Supervision – Supervise staff to ensure effective and consistent program delivery.  Direct and review annual work plans.  Assure compliance with established policies and procedures. Make and monitor job assignments Use resources effectively. Review and approve personnel actions.
Special Projects - Coordinate and perform special planning or staff projects as assigned.  Examples include development of administrative rules, planning meetings, etc.

Cover Letter and Resume Required


Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities for planning, organizing and directing the delivery of agricultural services and programs and the enforcement of state and federal laws regulating the agricultural industry.  Responsibilities consist of administrative and managerial work in organizing and directing a major program or division.


This job family consists of three levels which are distinguished based on the level of complexity of assigned responsibilities, the program responsibilities assigned, and the breadth and scope of assigned programs.

Level II:
At this level employees are assigned responsibilities, which involve assisting in the direction of a major division or program, or multiple programs, or performing advanced administrative work in the coordination and management of a statewide program involving statewide agricultural services.  Responsibilities will include assisting in planning, coordinating and directing the work of a division in the delivery of program services or the enforcement of applicable state and federal laws; recommending policies, goals and objectives, performing various management analysis activities, and providing direction and supervision to staff in planning and coordinating services, assisting in the development or amendment of laws concerning agricultural services and operations, and preparing reports concerning agricultural matters and concerns.


Level II:
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, economics, forestry, public administration, marketing, chemistry, biological sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, or a closely related field and six years of experience in agricultural inspection, regulation or production, forestry, plant industries, laboratory management, consumer protection, or public administration, including five years in a supervisory capacity, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


- Applicants must be willing and able to fulfill all job-related travel.
- Applicants must be minimally qualified as an Operations Section Chief, Type 2 (OSC2) according to the National Wildfire Coordinating Group PMS 310-1 Wildland Fire Qualification Subsystem Guide.
- Applicants must be qualified as a Prescribed Fire Burn Boss (RXB2) according to the National Wildfire Coordinating Group PMS 310-1 Wildland Fire Qualification Subsystem Guide or have successfully completed a state-sponsored Certified Prescribed Fire Manager training course


Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

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