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Financial Manager/Comptroller II

Recruitment #180531-D33B-I01


OAFF Employees Only.

Location: Oklahoma City

1. Responsible for all federal (and some other) grants accounting, including:
a. Work with multiple program managers to assemble program narratives and budgets on the prescribed forms.
b. Prepare required certification forms and obtain signatures.
c. Prepare application forms and budget forms.
d. Set up spreadsheets tailored to each grant’s programs/requirements; use to capture monthly and inception-to-date expenses by program/grant.
e. Prepare and submit monthly or quarterly invoices to the granting agencies as expenses occur; this will sometimes involve invoicing for large expenditures upon receipt of a vendor invoice to minimize the time between payment to the vendor and reimbursement from the granting agency.
f. Prepare & submit financial reports as required (usually quarterly), including supporting documents as needed.
g. Coordinate with payment processing center, the agency finance department, and federal program managers when problems arise with a payment.
h. Coordinate with federal grants managers and specialists to ensure compliance with accounting principles and grant requirements, and to resolve questions.
i. Prepare estimated accruals of anticipated quarterly expenses, if needed.
j. Prepare information and analyses as needed by program managers, assistant directors, and the director to make decisions regarding budget, program emphasis, etc. and to respond to questions from commissioner, legislators, and federal program managers.
k. Coordinate with program managers when grant modifications are needed to extend time period, modify scope, change funding level, etc.

2. Run receipts reports at least monthly to make sure outstanding invoices are paid and coded correctly; post grant payments to federal funds tracking spreadsheet and all receipts to a revenue tracking spreadsheet.  Make both available to State Forester, program managers, and any others who may need to know the status of federal grants and division revenue.

3. Capture payroll expenses on a monthly basis; reconcile to payroll transaction report.

4. Verify that labor distribution report equals monthly payroll expense; sort by program/grant for posting to grant spreadsheets.

5. Isolate Forestry non payroll expenses from agency report; sort by program/grant; review for accuracy, coordinating with program managers, division program officer to correct errors.

6. Advise Administrative Program Manager and others about coding of timecards, POs, travel claims, P-card purchases, invoices, and receipts.

7. Track prescribed burn invoices generated by satellite offices.  Forward to receipts desk as notice of outstanding revenue items.  Send reminder letters when amounts become past due, and refer to Legal Services for collection if necessary.  Notify Areas periodically of the status of accounts.

8. During fire season, assist with assembling resource information, and prepare invoices to OEM and/or other entities for reimbursement of expenses.  Includes payroll and travel for each employee, equipment usage, operational expenses, and invoices from other states who sent their personnel to assist.  Must be separated by Incident Number.

9. Assist, as needed, with division budget preparation regarding grants and revenue, including preparing the final revenue budget, breaking amounts out by direct and indirect costs and by month.

10. Respond to agency requests for information concerning grant reporting, including information about equipment purchases and data needed for indirect cost rate calculations.


Positions in this job family are assigned responsibility for planning and directing financial accounting, budgeting, auditing, investments, cash management and other fiscal operations and functions.  This includes directing staff activities in maintaining, analyzing and reporting financial accounting data, developing appropriate accounting systems, establishing necessary financial controls, approving various expenditures and obligations, planning and conducting internal and external audits, developing budget work programs and recommendations concerning appropriations, and similar functions.  Some positions may also be assigned responsibility for directing other agency functions, such as Administration, Personnel, or Procurement and Supply.


The Financial Manager/Comptroller job family has four levels which are distinguished by the complexity and accountability for directing fiscal and accounting operations of limited, moderate or large size and scope or assisting in the direction or supervision of such functions.

Level II:   
At this level employees are assigned responsibility for directing the fiscal operations and accounting activities of an agency of moderate size and scope.  This may include those with between 200 and 700 FTE, a budget or financial accounting or management responsibilities between five million and fifteen million dollars, or an accounting staff of between six and ten employees.  It also includes positions which are assigned responsibility for assisting in the direction of the financial operations of a large agency as the director of a major division of the Finance Department, such as the Accounting Division, Audit Division or Budget Division.


Level II:     
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of a bachelors degree in accounting, business, public administration or a closely related field and five years of experience in professional accounting or auditing or closely related work, including two years in a supervisory or administrative capacity;  or an equivalent combination of education and experience, substituting one additional year of professional accounting or auditing experience for each year of the required education.

Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

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