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Forester I

Forester I (FIA)

Recruitment #180410-L24A-H01


Location: Oklahoma City

Please mail, fax or email resume to the below contact:

Scott Huff
Assistant Director/Forest Management Chief
Oklahoma Forestry Services
2800 N. Lincoln Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Fax 405-522-4583


Forester Level I (FIA Field Forester} Job Profile Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry - Forestry Services Division.


The following is a summary of the primary job duties and expectations for a professional Field Forester of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry-Forestry Services assigned to the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Program.

Forestry Services implemented FIA in Oklahoma in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service. FIA consists of an intensive inventory of the forestlands, woodlands, and associated rangelands across the state using a network of permanent plots. Data collection is performed by highly trained, two-person crews that visit each plot and take
measurements using standard national and regional protocols and procedures. The entire inventory effort must follow strict program standards and meet planned objectives for measurement of 10-20% of all plots each year.

A FIA Field Forester reports to the Staff Forester/FIA Program Coordinator.  This position is part of a two  person crew and is primarily responsible for  conducting forest inventory on assigned plots throughout  the state of Oklahoma. and  this team complements another FIA crew. Plot work and travel statewide is necessary in support of other FIA personnel and for training.

An effective FIA forester needs to have: (1) professional forestry education and training (especially in forest measurements); (2) skills in problem solving, communications, planning, computer use, and forest measurements according to exacting standards; and (3) the ability to develop effective working relationships with a wide variety of people and to exercise independent thinking and judgment.

The FIA Field Forester is generally responsible for carrying out the duties described below in cooperation with agency personnel, other state and federal agencies, private landowners, and program cooperators.

The position will serve as one of four Field Foresters assigned to the FIA program for Forestry Services.
Major responsibilities include:
(1) becoming fully trained and certified in FIA data collection procedures through a combination of on the job field training and a structured training program provided by the U.S. Forest Service;
(2) becoming thoroughly familiar with FIA program policies;
(3) following data collection procedures according to the FIA Handbook to assure quality control of field measurements (including interpretation of aerial photographs, use of GPS technology, maps and narrative descriptions to locate plots in the field, use of forestry measurement tools to gather data, and use of a computer data recorder to enter data accurately;
(4) planning and scheduling work to meet productivity targets;
(5) transferring completed data to the Forest Service in a timely manner, and
(6) cooperating with and participating in other programs within Oklahoma Forestry Services.

The requirements of this position are physically demanding. The majority of work is performed outdoors, often in rough terrain, with dense briars and underbrush, in hot or cold, wet, windy or inclement weather. Vehicular travel throughout the state and walking to individual plot locations are a considerable aspect of this position. The employee must be able to travel to rural properties and traverse rough, uneven, or steep terrain. Outdoors work may expose the employee to dust, pollution, poison ivy, other allergens, severe weather, difficult terrain, snakes, insects and field equipment.
Limited work in an office and with the public may expose the employee to contagious or infectious diseases and minor illnesses, such as colds, flu, etc. Travel may expose the employee to hazardous driving and traffic conditions in highly urbanized areas and on rural, unimproved roadways. In rare instances, duties may require swimming or wading in order to reach sites to obtain resource data when boat or other access is not available.

Frequent travel is a requirement of this position. An average of 70% of the year may be spent in travel status where it is more efficient to stay overnight rather than to return to base station. The employee may also attend in-state meetings of the agency, and in-state or out-of-state FIA training which typically involves an overnight stay.

A valid Oklahoma driver's license is a necessary job requirement. The employee must complete a structured training program and become certified in FIA plot measurement procedures within 5 months of employment or as soon as practical, based upon federal training schedules. The employee must maintain an accuracy rating on all plots in order to maintain FIA certification  after completion  of  the  training period.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens or otherwise capable of meeting the requirements in the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2007 (as amended).

For more information, or to ask questions about the position, contact FIA Program Coordinator, Carri Abner at 918-290- 9208 or


Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities involving professional forestry work in assisting landowners and developing,  implementing, or administering forestry conservation and use programs and projects in an assigned district, region, or statewide, as needed.


This job family consists of five levels which are distinguished based on the complexity of assigned duties, the level of expertise required to complete assigned tasks, and the responsibility assigned for providing leadership to others.

Level I:
This is the basic level of this job family where employees are assigned responsibilities involving beginning level professional work primarily related to providing farmers,  land owners, communities, and others with technical advice and service concerning their forestry programs and natural resource needs.  In this role they will be responsible for assisting in the development and implementation of forestry conservation projects in an assigned area or district.  This will include  analyzing forest resource conditions, developing recommendations and writing  forest management plans, contacting land owners and providing advice on forestry management techniques,  providing educational assistance to schools, civic groups and others, and assisting groups and local governments with community forestry projects.


Level I:
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of a bachelor’s degree in forestry from an accredited university, or a closely related degree in natural resource management with three years of professional forester experience which includes forest management and wildland fire management.


Applicants must be willing and able to fulfill all job-related travel normally associated with this position.


Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

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