Recruitment #220510-U12B-01


Job location: Oklahoma History Center 800 Nazih Zuhdi Dr, Oklahoma City, OK

Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities involving the development, care and management of museum or other historic collections, including three-dimensional objects, documents, photographs, artwork, and electronic medium.  These collections cover both historic and prehistoric and cultural as well as natural history.

(1) This position requires previous demonstrated experience with museum registration methods and specifically with Past Perfect software as used by the Oklahoma History Center and Museum of History.
(2) Responsible for the documentation, management, and recording of all artifact donations for the Oklahoma History Center, Oklahoma Museum of History, and OHS Field Sites and Museums.
(3) Responsible for conducting research on Museum and Oklahoma Historical Society Collections or collections related questions.
(4) Will interact with the public and provide information as required and necessary in response to public inquiries.
(5) Responsible for providing assistance as required for education, exhibits, and other museum or History Center programs and events.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Level II:   
Those required at Level I Basic knowledge of history; of anthropology; of archeology; of cultural material; and of source material for performing research.  Ability is required to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; and to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing)plus knowledge of current professional standards for collections care; of collections registration methods; and of appropriate storage and exhibition materials.  Ability is required to organize collection storage; to conduct research on collections; to make presentations to the public; to prepare programs and publications; to assess collections condition; and to prepare collections for exhibit.


Level II:   
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of a bachelor’s degree in history, museum studies, anthropology or a closely related field and two years of experience in the care and management of historical collection or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


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