Executive Secretary to Chief Law Enforcement Agent

Recruitment #200214-UNCE-69



POSITION TITLE: Executive Secretary to Chief Law Enforcement Agent

SALARY:$41,217.00 Annual Salary

LOCATION: Oklahoma City.

Basic Purpose:
The Investigative Services Unit is complex, multi-functional unit that provides a number of law enforcement duties and activities for the entire State of Oklahoma.  The Executive Secretary assists Special Agents assigned to this unit with various administrative and executive duties to assist them in the performance of their jobs.

Typical Functions:
• Assists in the preparation of correspondence, screen telephone calls, and coordinate the transfer of information with other law enforcement entities.
• Handle all information in a confidential manner, assuring confidentiality safeguards are maintained and protocol followed at all times. 
• Operate software programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point, PeopleSoft, etc.
• Operate NCIC (National Crime Information Center – FBI) software, Olets (Oklahoma Law Enforcement Telecommunications System – OK), CLEAR, OSCN, DOC record search, and various other law enforcement databases used to assisting in background checks and other verification purposes.
• Preform duties as the Investigative Services Evidence Officer.  Keep and secure evidence obtained from cases in accordance with Law Enforcement standards and guidelines until court disposition is complete.
• Assign case numbers to new investigations and maintains database of all case files, reports, etc., online and hard copies, and track status of cases.
• Assist Agents with all incoming investigative reports for the unit.  Prepare paperwork for investigative purposes for the filing of charges, prosecution, court purposes, and District Attorneys’ offices.
• Assist in approval of timecards and keep time records
• Assist in preparation of employee performance ratings.
• Compile statistical information for monthly Board Reports.
• Maintain and assist in the preparation of the unit budget
• Prepare purchase orders in PeopleSoft and keep purchasing records.  Make purchases using the state P-Card (Purchasing Card).  Track purchases and keep records/logs for the unit.
• Make travel arrangements according to state travel guidelines for agents.
• Maintain vehicle logs, track vehicle mileage, fuel purchases, vehicle tags, fuel cards, and Pikepass.
• Maintain equipment inventory of items assigned to Agents.  Keeps appropriate records of all weapons, ammunition, in accordance with law enforcement regulatory standards, LESO requirements and GSA guidelines.
• Schedule training for Agents including CLEET required training including in-state and out-of-state.
• Process invoices and travel vouchers and maintain records for each.
• Process Per Diem Travel Forms for Agents.
• Coordinate with General Counsel on all open records requests.
• Develops purchase requests for Board approval
• Prepare all surplus property and inventory for removal according to agency policy.

Education and experience requirements:
Consists of a bachelor’s degree in business administration, criminal justice, political science or closely related fields or the combination of education and training or having an associate’s degree in the same fields of education with minimum of five years of experience in a law enforcement administrative capacity or the combination of education and training.      

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required:
At this level include the ability to handle numerous phone calls of a confidential nature in a prompt and professional manner.  The Investigative Services Unit is complex, multi-functional unit that provides a number of law enforcement duties and activities for the entire State of Oklahoma.  Previous experience working in a law enforcement environment and be familiar with restrictions and guidelines involving law enforcement protocol.

Special Requirements:
• Possession of a valid Oklahoma driver's license is required.
• Must complete the requirements to be a Certified Procurement Officer within six months of employment.
• Must complete P-Card training within six months of employment.
• The nature of this job requires a full background check through O.S.B.I. along with fingerprint identification records, etc.  No one with a criminal history, whether felony or misdemeanor, is allowed to fulfil this position due to NCIC regulations per FBI and other regulatory guidelines.
• Must complete certification requirements for access to NCIC (National Crime Information Center – FBI); Olets (Oklahoma Law Enforcement Telecommunications System – OK); and CLEAR, OSCN, DOC records, and other law enforcement systems within six months of employment


Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

No additional information will be accepted after the application has been submitted.


Veteran's Preference Points Apply only for initial appointment in the Classified Service.