Human Resources Manager

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Human Resources Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:
Under the supervision of the Assistant Treasurer for Operations, the Human Resources Manager is responsible for management and performance of the Human Resources function of the agency, including payroll and benefits administration, as well as agency purchasing duties. 
Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities involving the management of human resources, the completion of various human resources management activities and personnel actions, and the application of laws, rules and standards related to personnel and payroll administration and human resources management. This will include developing and implementing agency policies and procedures, directing staff functions, and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and rules. Also assigned are the responsibilities involving the agency’s procurement and requisition function. This will include developing and implementing agency policies and procedures, directing staff functions, and insuring compliance with applicable laws and rules concerning the procurement of goods and services.

The functions performed in this job family will vary by level, unit and organization, but may include the following:
• Performs human resources management, personnel, or payroll administration activities involving responsibility for the interpretation and application of rules, laws and policies.
• Interprets and applies laws and rules concerning human resources management, personnel administration, or staff development to a variety of human resources matters including classification, selection and recruitment, compensation, staff development and training, employee benefit programs and employee transactions and records.
• Completes classification studies, job audits and other activities to identify duties and responsibilities assigned to employees; develops job descriptions, job specifications, organization charts and other materials to describe positions and duties performed by employees; determines appropriate classifications for individual positions.
• Conducts wage and salary surveys by collecting and evaluating salary data; prepares recommendations or requests for salary changes; determines salary changes authorized for specific actions, such as appointments, promotions, transfers, demotions and reinstatements.
• Administers the preparation and processing of agency payrolls; administers the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act: administers leave, worker’s compensation, insurance, retirement and other employee benefits programs, or special programs such as daycare and charitable contributions.
• Collects and analyzes data on personnel selection procedures and methods, based on established psychometric techniques; prepares charts, graphs and other statistical information on examination results, develops tests and other selection devises.
• Performs centralized or agency recruiting activities; prepares recruiting announcements or other information concerning job vacancies; interviews applicants and evaluates application forms; provides job counseling to prospective employees; administers minority recruitment and outreach programs; visits schools, colleges and other sources for recruitment.
• Administers agency grievance program; counsels employees on grievance procedures; completes research and interprets applicable federal and state laws, regulations, rules, and policies; provides interpretation of policy and procedures to staff and outside entities.
• Prepares, processes, reviews, analyzes, or approves employee personnel transactions; ensures compliance with applicable laws and rules concerning appointments, promotions, demotions, transfers, separations and other actions.
• Interprets rules and laws concerning employee personnel actions; advises agency personnel staff, employees, supervisors and managers on various personnel related issues.
• Maintains job and payroll data; calculates and processes various types of pay; enters changes in tax status and miscellaneous changes in payroll system; prepares and processes agency payrolls; prepares reports as directed.
• Audit timekeeping records for compliance with established standards; data entry of time and leave; maintain time and attendance records; explains laws and rules pertaining to various types of leave.
• Performs a wide variety of record keeping and payroll processing activities, including computing wage and overtime payments, calculating and recording payroll deductions and processing terminations.
• Prepares, processes, and/or reviews a variety of transactions concerning retirement and insurance deductions and payments, deferred compensation, charitable contributions and other voluntary and involuntary payroll deductions; status changes, transfers, promotions, demotions, salary changes, terminations.
• Explains laws, rules and regulations pertaining to payroll and human resources transactions; contacts proper authority for interpretation of the laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the more complex transactions.
• Provides assistance by interpreting and explaining employee benefit plans, processing changes in plan coverage and assisting with employee problems through provider agencies; processes retirement forms including vesting and withdrawal options for departing employees; processes workers’ compensation injury claim forms.
• Prepares routine correspondence and forms; enters appropriate information into computer systems including E-Verify, PeopleSoft, BAS and OPERS online.
• Maintains a system of employee personnel records.
• Manages agency Request for Acquisition process, enters data and supporting documentation into ePro for purchase orders
• Prepares and approves change order requests forms; communicates with ABS regarding change order requests
• Reviews and approves agency purchase orders
• Other duties as assigned
Serves as the following and performs all related duties:
• ADA coordinator
• Core security representative
• E-Verify administrator
• OSBI ACHS administrator
• Benefits coordinator
• Insurance coordinator
• Retirement coordinator
• Ethics commission liaison

At this level employees perform advanced level human resources management work in administering various personnel programs or activities.  This may include independent responsibility for a specialized agency program, duties involving providing assistance in the supervision and training of other human resources management specialists as a lead worker or project leader, or other comparable responsibilities for coordinating and completing required activities.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required:
At this level include knowledge of human resources management policies and procedures; of records maintenance; and of business communications.  Ability is required to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others and to understand and apply applicable rules, laws and policies plus demonstrated ability to perform highly independent work. Knowledge of acquisition methods and procedures, pertaining to the acquisition of a wide variety of goods and services, and of State Purchase laws and regulations is preferred.
Education and Experience requirements:
At this level consist of a bachelor’s degree or four years of technical human resources management experience or business administration experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

The Office of the State Treasurer is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Veteran's Preference Points Apply only for initial appointment in the Classified Service.