Contracting & Acquisitions Programs Administrator

Recruitment #200211-UNCF-23



Resumes and copies of transcripts should be submitted to Human Resources at:

Or mailed to:
2132 NE 36th Street,
Oklahoma City, OK, 73111
Fax 405-523-4037

Contracting & Acquisitions Programs Administrator

Agency: OK Department of Veterans Affairs, Central Office Division
Address: 2132 NE 36th Street, Oklahoma City, OK, 73111
Travel: Occasional
Annual Salary :$47,972.40

Previous applicants do not need to re-apply to be considered.

Coordinate all Contract and Procurement functions for a portion of the agency and performing duties for the acquisition of goods and services for assigned divisions. Drafts and reviews specifications and determines acquisition method. Complete independently all related actions concerning competitive bidding or negotiation; for evaluation  of proposals; for analyses  of products; for disapproval or termination  of contracts; and for insuring compliance with all State Purchasing  Statutes  and Agency Purchasing rules and regulations.

Maintains bidder lists, product and services information, supplier information, and acquisition records. Using the State Purchase System, creates all purchase orders (PO) for a portion of the agency. Sends contracts around for proper signatures. Performs all scanning and tracks all Purchase Order (PO) numbers to ensure that all of them are scanned. If a PO is voided, a paper with the voided PO will be scanned so that all PO numbers are accounted for.

Performs contract administration and monitors contractor compliance with contract specifications, contractor expenditures, reviewing claims, and ensuring timely submission reports. During the year-end, based on the current FY trend, start collecting the necessary paperwork for the next FY for creating future encumbrances in the TBD status. Upon availability of the budget, transfer all TBD's to encumbrances. After all the invoices are cleared, cancel remaining encumbrance balances through State Purchasing System.

Advises agency personnel on departmental rules, GSA Advantage, DCS regulations and laws; provides technical guidance and training to agency staff and vendors. Acts as liaison to Department of Central Services.

Purchasing Card (P-Card) holder: Analyzes agency emergency purchases/ratifications and project expenditures on authority orders.  Prepare related documents supporting the analysis.  Submit recommendations to the supervisor.  Maintains all related documents and reconciles to the monthly statements received from the Bank.  Funds and codes all transactions in the system.  This includes purchase order payment line and distribution, fund class, fund type, account code, department, and operation unit.

All errors related to legality of purchase should be corrected prior to payment.

Knowledge of acquisition methods and procedures pertaining to the acquisition of a wide variety of goods and services; of recent developments, trends and economic factors affecting acquisition of goods and services; of factors involved in writing specifications; of competitive bid methods and procedures; of State Purchase laws and regulations; of commodity and service markets, pricing methods and market resources, of office procedures and practices; and of public relations. Ability is required to identify sources of supply; to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; to conduct several projects simultaneously; to evaluate bids and award contracts; to write and review purchase specifications and requisitions and monitor contract performance.

Education and Experience requirements: 
Three years technical clerical work and two years of experience involving contracting and purchasing; OR an equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience should include the following procedures: sending out invitations to bid and making telephone bids, evaluating bids or telephone price quotes, awarding contracts and/or issuing purchase orders, working with users and understanding their needs and requirements and assuming the responsibility for the correct evaluation and determination of bids and proposals.


Veteran's Preference Points Apply only for initial appointment in the Classified Service.