Optical Imaging Specialist III


Recruitment #191106-E36C-I02


Optical Imaging Specialist, Level III, #1029

LOCATION OF WORK:  Central Processing Division/Imaging, OK County

*Perform work related to the retention or storage of various records, documents and files using optical imaging equipment and processes:
*Provide supervision of lower level staff;
*Make work assignments;
*Evaluate results of completed work.

An Equal Opportunity Employer. Reasonable accommodation to individuals with disabilities may be provided upon request.


Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities related to the retention or storage of various public records, documents, archives, and files using available optical imaging equipment and processes, such as microfilming and computer aided reproduction technology.


The Optical Imaging Specialist job family consists of three levels of work which are distinguished by the level of complexity of the specific job assignments, the extent of responsibility assigned, the level of expertise required for the completion of assigned projects, and the responsibility for supervision of others.

Level III:   
This is the leadership level where employees are assigned responsibility for the supervision of lower-level staff.  This work includes reviewing and evaluating user requests, making work assignments, advising staff on project requirements, and evaluating results of completed work.  At the Department of Libraries, inspects and monitors micrographics or optical imaging laboratories certified by the state records administrator.


Level III:    
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of three years of experience in the operation and maintenance of microfilm, microphotography, or other optical imaging equipment.


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