Workforce Services Specialist III

Recruitment #191025-W10C-I43



This position is located at the OKC Eastside ‘Oklahoma Works/American Jobs’ Center.

Applicants must submit their three (3) most recent service evaluations or PMPs

Annual Hiring Rate: $39,080.00
Bi-Weekly Hiring Rate: $1,503.08

Responsible for
:  Assist job seekers with registration, resumes, internet job searches & referrals. Assist with filing unemployment insurance claims.
Duties may include:  priority service to veterans; write and post vacant job openings for businesses; market agency services; prepare/present employability workshops; accurately/timely complete data entry; administer skills-based testing; other duties as assigned.



Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities involving the management of career assessment/counseling, interviewing applicants to determine needs for job skills, placement, training, unemployment insurance eligibility, and other social services under a case management system.  This includes providing services to public and private employers to refer qualified and trained applicants and providing unemployment compensation services.  Specialized and critical tasks will be assigned to qualified veteran staff for the provision of priority employment services to eligible veterans and disabled veterans as defined by the U.S. Department of Labor.


The Employment Services job family consists of four levels which are distinguished based on the complexity of the specific assignment and the level of expertise required for the delivery of workforce one-stop services.

Level I:    
This is the basic level of this job family where employees perform beginning level professional work in employment supportive activities, which may include employment services, unemployment compensation, and veteran’s services, and assessing training and social service needs.  This involves routine professional work under close supervision in a training status to build skills in providing required services under a case management system.  Employees will be assigned tasks which involve interviewing public and private employers, applicants, claimants and veterans; analyzing and evaluating applications for employment, unemployment compensation, training, social services and counseling; providing information for public welfare, social services and other related community resources.

Level II:   
This is the career level where employees are assigned responsibility for the completion of a full range of professional work in completing various employment supportive activities to assess needs and determine eligibility for specific programs and services.  This includes managing a caseload requiring broad and specialized knowledge of all work force one-stop service programs.  In addition, employees at this level may contact public and private employers to obtain employment opportunities for applicants and disabled veterans which includes job placement and development of job training opportunities; fact finding for unemployment compensation; limited adjudication and other supportive social services.  This will include a degree of independence in completing work assignments and making decisions concerning various employment supportive activities.

Level III:
This is the specialist level of this job family where incumbents are routinely assigned responsibilities for advanced level work in employment supportive activities and one-stop coordination functions.  They can be assigned lead workers or backup supervisors to Level I or Level II employees.  This will include a high degree of independence in completing work assignments and making decisions concerning various employment supportive activities.  Responsibilities may include providing training on unemployment insurance functions; employment services; veteran services; or social services requirements; and reviewing assigned work of others.  Adjudication responsibilities may be assigned in the unemployment insurance function.  Staff assigned as Veterans representatives should be familiar with Veterans Employment programs to include the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs training programs.


Level I:    
Education and Experience Requirements at this level require three years of experience in employment services, career or vocational guidance and counseling, personnel, recruitment, training, customer services or social services related work; or an equivalent combination of education and experience substituting thirty semester hours from an accredited college or university for each year of the required work experience.
Level II:   
Education and Experience requirements at this level include those identified in Level I plus one additional year of qualifying experience.

NOTE:  Positions funded by U.S. Department of Labor Veterans grants must meet grant requirements.

Level III:   
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of those identified in Level II plus one additional year of qualifying experience.


Some positions may require that applicants be a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces and eligible for veterans’ preference under Title 74 O.S. Supp Section 840.15.

In accordance with Title 38, U.S. Code Section 4103A, some positions must be filled with qualified disabled veterans in the following order of preference:  FIRST:  Qualified Disabled Veteran; SECOND:  Qualified Veteran.

The Employment Security Commission is responsible for screening all eligibles to insure that appointees are selectively qualified based upon the order of preference as required by Title 38, U.S. Code Section 4103A.


Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

No additional information will be accepted after the application has been submitted.