Certified Procurement Officer Training and Exam

Recruitment #190916-NALC-12


This announcement is not for a job with the State of Oklahoma.*  

Certified Procurement Officer Program

This program is designed to provide foundational understanding of procurement and acquisition processes, and the hierarchy of legislation and procurement rules in state procurement.  This free, self-paced program will allow you 90 days to complete from the time of enrollment.

To complete the registration process, go to this web page: https://omes.ok.gov/forms/certified-procurement-officer-program-application

Procurement.training@omes.ok.gov will send an enrollment confirmation and the program instructions within the week.  If you are not a state employee, your enrollment may be delayed due to creating you a user ID and password.

*There is no job associated with this announcement, and it cannot be used as an application for any job with the State of Oklahoma.  This announcement is for registration for training to receive the credential of Certified Procurement Officer (CPO) by the State of Oklahoma.

Questions regarding this program should be directed to: procurement.training@omes.ok.gov.


This announcement is not for a job with the State of Oklahoma.