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Recruitment #180914-UNCL-33




Must apply online

Please attach a transcript to your application; your application will not be considered without an attached transcript.  (Mailed or faxed copies are not accepted) 

A list of current openings can be found on the Department website at


Position:  Wildlife Biologist – Upland Game Emphasis

Salary:  $38,334.00 / Yearly*
*Salary commensurate with experience and education.

Division:  Wildlife

Location:  Stillwater, OK – location of domicile must be approved by supervisor. 

Summary of Job Duties:
Under the supervision of the Wildlife Regional Supervisor, participate in the development of both short and long range wildlife management and research projects. Is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the successful completion of assigned projects within predetermined guidelines. Must be familiar with the principles and procedures of wildlife management and research. Will use scientific methods to gather data regarding wildlife populations and/or habitat. Supervise both full time and temporary employees.  Accurately observe, record, and analyze scientific data and prepare and submit detailed reports. Serve as advisor or Department representative in areas of special expertise. May have extensive contact with a variety of public and private individuals and groups. Will conduct audio and visual wildlife surveys, day and/or night. Plant food plots, mow, build/repair fences, road maintenance, and control or eliminate nuisance species. Administer a large agricultural lease program. Develop agricultural leases that maximize revenue, wildlife food and hunter benefits.

Must have the ability to:
• Operate boats, motor vehicles, lawn mowers, tractors, and ATVs with various attachments.
• Operate and use firearms, cutting torch, and welding equipment, fire suppressing equipment
• Lift, carry, a minimum of 50 pounds for a distance of 100 yards, and use fencing and building materials, hand tools, and chain saw
• Walk and jog over rough terrain for extended periods and swim.
• Endure various extremes of outdoor weather conditions
• Work extended hours weekends and stay overnight out of town.
• Handle wild animals in live and dead condition, including field dressing wild game
• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others as well as work independently


Education:  Requires a Bachelor’s Degree or higher in a fish/wildlife related field from an accredited college or university. Must attach transcript to application.

Experience:  No previous experience is required. Experience with GIS applications is preferred.

Knowledge and Skills (required): 
• Principles, practices, and techniques of wildlife management and knowledge of basic supervision principles.
• Understanding of basic farming operations and equipment use.
• Skills in exercising good judgement in analyzing situations, and making decisions.
• Collect, evaluate, and present information clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
• Must be able to work well with others. Must work professionally and courteously with the public and other agencies.
• Be proficient in use of computers and various software applications.


Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

No additional information will be accepted after the application has been submitted.


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