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Programs Field Representative

Recruitment #180907-H11A-I20


This position is located at the Sequoyah Building.

Announcement #: 18-N125
Organization: SSD-Commodity Distribution-TEFAB/CSFP/ADM
Address: 2400 N Lincoln BLVD, Oklahoma City, OK 73105-4601
Travel: Extensive

Job Description, essential functions:
Regularly visits local agencies statewide to insure proper interpretation and uniform application of policies, procedures, rules and regulations of the USDA TEFAP and CSFP programs. Conducts frequent on-site reviews of local record, observes work activities of local staff to determine compliance. Prepares written reports on general status/progress.

Job description, marginal functions:
Advises local administrator on program compliance, conducts on-site meetings/trainings and communicates needs/problems to local officials as needed.

Preference Statement:
Preference may be given to candidates with experience in Federal programs and review procedures. 


Positions in this job family serve as liaison between the state or area office of a large agency and field offices which are involved in the delivery of social services, juvenile services or rehabilitation services on a statewide basis.


This job family consists of only one level and incumbent employees are responsible for performing all functions related to the position to which assigned. 

  • Regularly visits local offices in an assigned area of the state as a representative of the central agency headquarters and/or area offices to insure proper interpretation and uniform application of policies, procedures, rules and regulations of the agency, in such program areas as income maintenance, medical assistance, rehabilitative services, court-related and community services, child welfare services, or other human services or human resources programs.
  • Regularly conducts frequent on-site reviews of local records, files and other documents; personally observes work activities of local staff to determine quality and quantity of work performed; analyzes and evaluates both administrative program plans and operations on an on-going basis.
  • Prepares written reports and recommendations regarding the general status and progress of each local program for which responsible; presents findings about relevant problems or issues to the state office; as directed, conducts studies and investigations of unusual occurrences or special projects within the assigned program area.
  • Advises local administrators on all phases of program staffing, organization and management; conducts local on-site staff meetings and training sessions to provide information about program policies and procedures and to communicate relevant changes; counsels with local officials about needs and problems at the local level.


Education and Experience required at this level consists of a master’s degree and three years of professional experience in social work, child support, adult protective services, child welfare,  early childhood development and education, guidance and counseling, nursing, intellectual disability, probation and parole, public administration, community-based prevention and diversionary youth services programs, juvenile justice, rehabilitation counseling, vocational evaluation or vocational rehabilitation; or an equivalent combination of education and experience, substituting one year of additional qualifying experience for each year of the required education.


Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

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