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Investigator III

Recruitment #180906-UNCG-25




1) resume; 2) one page description of your full time investigative experience to include job title, tenure within investigative division, and size of investigative division; and, 3) a copy of a prosecutorial report on a closed case in which you obtained a conviction.

Email resumes to:

#18-16- The Oklahoma Insurance Department has an opening in the Anti-Fraud division’s Oklahoma City Office for an Investigator III.

Salary: $57,500 to start.

The OID Level III Anti-Fraud Investigator works with minimum oversight to fully complete white-collar criminal investigations leading to the successful prosecution of insurance-related crimes; administrative investigations of regulatory violations pertaining to the insurance industry leading to appropriate civil actions/penalties; background and/or internal investigations; and to meet any OID security needs, disaster callouts, and/or other duties as assigned.

• Perform a wide range of investigative, security, response, and/or other duties as assigned
• Maintain necessary confidentialities and establish/strengthen working relationships
• Investigate pertinent criminal and/or regulatory violations by, but not necessarily limited to,
• Gathering necessary information and evidence
• Analyzing all data and material obtained
• Conducting interviews and interrogations
• Drafting legal documents, such as grand jury subpoenas and search warrants
• Preparing reports and exhibits for criminal and/or regulatory enforcement
• Providing courtroom testimony in criminal and/or administrative proceedings
• Maintaining documentary case records, evidence files, and chain of custody

• Honorable, ethical, and trustworthy character; self-sufficient in the exercise of sound, independent judgment, free of moral turpitude and/or compromised integrity
• Strong reading comprehension skills and the ability to extract pertinent information from complex insurance and financial records, as well as related documents
• Excellent report writing skills, accomplished in the drafting of prosecutorial documentation with precise grammar, spelling, and sentence structure for clarity of expression
• Effective articulation and oral presentation skills when communicating technical information to internal and external stakeholders, partners, prosecutors, juries, and lay audiences
• Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office and related software programs, particularly Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook; additional computer or program skills a strong plus.
• Familiarity with current technologies, radios, communication devices and systems, record management systems, investigative/relational databases, statistical tracking systems, etc.
• Ability to research and understand Oklahoma State Statutes as well as administrative rules and regulations of the Oklahoma Insurance Code pertaining to insurance-related crimes, and insurance industry regulation
• Expertise in all aspects of investigation through final prosecution; familiarity with criminal justice systems at local, state, and federal levels; a network of personal/professional contacts

Bachelor's degree in criminal justice, business, accounting, computer or related fields is required for all Anti-Fraud Investigator positions. Advance degree preferred with extensive experience and certain professional certifications. A minimum of 4 years of full-time criminal investigative experience is required. Consideration is given to additional years of full-time criminal investigative experience.

Full-time experience in criminal investigations is defined by previous title/roles and primary-duty assignment to actual investigative divisions. For example, incidental investigations conducted while assigned to routine patrol duties should not be considered as full-time criminal investigative experience.  Preferred candidates will be those candidates having experience at the investigative division level, specifically in the areas of fraud and white-collar crimes.
This is a commissioned Oklahoma Peace Officer position. The successful candidate MUST:
• Possess and maintain valid CLEET Basic Peace Officer certification or above.
• Possess and maintain a valid Oklahoma driver’s license with a good driving record.
• Have no felony convictions, record of domestic violence or moral turpitude.
• Pass all interview requirements and an extensive personal background investigation.
• Meet all CLEET continuing education and OID agency personnel requirements.
• Be proficient in “use of force” knowledge, the carry of firearms, and annual qualifications.
• Understand and follow proper chain-of-command in daily duties and emergency response
• Consistently demonstrate sound judgment during daily duties and emergency response
• Be available for call-out and extended on-site response in emergency situations
• Be willing to travel as needed, both in and out-of-state, with or without notice
• Be very flexible with working hours and other demands of the position

Upon hire, any applicant who is licensed as a producer/agent, adjuster or is otherwise affiliated with any entity that is regulated by the department must surrender their license and terminate any financial or non-financial affiliation with the entity that is regulated by the department. The selected applicant must pass a background check. Individual may be required to pursue NAIC designations as job duties require.

Employees of the Oklahoma Insurance Department are unclassified employees of the state.  For benefits offered by the State of Oklahoma to employees of the state, please use this link to access the Office of Personnel Management benefits page at

Equal Opportunity Employer.


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