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Historic Preservation Specialist II

CLG Program Coordinator/Preservation Planner

Recruitment #180809-U14B-I01


Job location: SHPO Office, Oklahoma History Center Oklahoma City, OK.

Certified Local Governments Program:
a. Coordinates and manages the SHPO's Certified Local Governments (CLG) Program in accordance with “Certified Local Governments Program for Oklahoma” (state procedures) and related National Park Service regulations, standards, and guidelines.
b. Receives, reviews, and makes recommendations on requests from local governments for CLG status.
c. Consults with CLGs to design projects for federal pass-through funding; receives and reviews pass-through funding applications; monitors progress on funded project work; and authorizes payment of requests for reimbursement for completed projects.
d. Conducts the periodic performance evaluation of CLGs in accordance with the state procedures.  
e. Designs and conducts training programs for city staff and local historic preservation commissions on a wide range of topics, including legal authority
ethical and procedural issues, designation of local districts and landmarks, and design review.
f. Informs local governments about their role in historic preservation and provides technical assistance to those considering adoption of historic preservation ordinances and participation in the CLG Program.

2.  Preservation Planning Program:    
a. Develops the statewide preservation plan in accordance with the SHPO’s established procedures and related National Park Service regulations, standards, and guidelines.
b. Assists SHPO staff to address the goals and objectives of the statewide preservation plan.
c. Informs government agencies, preservation professionals, and the general public about the statewide preservation plan, how it is developed and how they can participate in the process, and how they can assist in its implementation and integration into broader planning frameworks.
d. Shares information with the broad historic preservation community about preservation planning and other topics through presentations, published articles and other materials, and social media outreach.


Positions in this job family are responsible for identification, evaluation, documentation, registration, planning, education and treatment programs and activities designed to protect Oklahoma’s significant archeological and historic properties.  The activities and programs are carried out in accordance with the National Historic Preservation Act and the associated regulations, standards, and guidelines established by the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

NOTE:  Under the National Historic Preservation Act, the Governor of each State designates the State Historic Preservation Officer to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the federal preservation programs for that State.  The SHPO employs professional staff, in accordance with federal standards, to perform the related duties.  In Oklahoma, the program is assigned to the Oklahoma Historical Society.  The agency receives an annual allocation from the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Historic Preservation Fund which partially covers the program costs (60%), and the State of Oklahoma is responsible for the balance of these costs (40%).


The Historic Preservation Specialist job family consists of three levels which are distinguished on the basis of the responsibility and complexity of work, experience required and the responsibility assigned for the development and coordination of assigned programs.

Level II:     
This is a mid-level position in which incumbents are responsible for the development and coordination of at least one major division program and may supervise other permanent or temporary employees.  The majority of the incumbent’s time is spent in reviewing complex reports, project plans and other documents prepared by professional consultants under contract to the Oklahoma Historical Society or submitted by other agencies or individuals as may be required by federal regulations, standards and guidelines; consulting with the division’s clients/customers; conducting archival and field research; and preparing detailed, complex reports and other documents related to the specific, major division program.


Level II:     
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of a master’s degree in anthropology, archeology, architectural history, art history, historic preservation, history or a closely related academic area and one year of experience in related research, project administration or management; or a bachelor’s degree in architecture with two years professional level experience in historic preservation or restoration projects.


Positions in the Oklahoma Historical Society require specialized training and experience as specified by the U.S. Department of the Interior.


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