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Revenue Compliance Examiner II


Recruitment #180613-V17B-I05



Revenue Compliance Examiner II, #855

Motor Vehicle Division, Audit MV Section, OK County

*Perform examination and inspection of tax records and tax forms;

*Assist taxpayers in completing and filing tax forms;

*Make routine explanations of various tax laws;

*Respond to taxpayer inquiries by telephone, by mail, or in person

Equal Opportunity Employer.


Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities involving technical examinations and inspections of tax forms, records and documents to determine tax liabilities and insure that required payments have been made.  Responsibilities are performed at the paraprofessional level, but require specialized knowledge related to the division where the position is located and include providing assistance to taxpayers in complying with relevant tax laws and providing technical information concerning applicable laws and reporting requirements.


The Revenue Examiner job family consists of two levels which are distinguished based on the level of responsibility assigned and the extent of complexity of assigned duties.

Level II:    
At this level employees are assigned responsibilities for a full range of tasks and activities related to the examination and inspection of tax forms and documents and insuring compliance with applicable tax laws, rules and regulations.  In this role they will perform paraprofessional work in providing assistance to taxpayers, responding to inquiries by telephone, by mail, or in person, reviewing tax returns to verify tax liability, collecting delinquent taxes and similar work.


Level II:     
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist two (2) years of experience in bookkeeping tax computation or related clerical work; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


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