Therapeutic/Medical Aide I (#X11A)
$9.99-$15.13 hourly / $1,731.67-$2,621.94 monthly / $20,780.00-$31,463.27 annual

Therapeutic/Medical Aide II (#X11B)
$9.99-$16.64 hourly / $1,731.67-$2,884.28 monthly / $20,780.00-$34,611.38 annual


Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities involving patients or other work related to providing durable medical equipment for clients or assisting professional staff in performing various treatments, such as assisting in surgical units.  The primary emphasis is on working with patients or professional staff in carrying out prescribed work assignments as allowed by applicable licensure laws.  Incumbents perform a variety of routine tasks in a therapeutic or medical program, which requires a limited knowledge of work procedures and understanding of the materials and equipment.


The functions in this job family will vary by level and program, but may include the following:

  • Works with patients, individually and in-groups or with professional staff, as directed by supervising therapist to meet goals established by the professional therapy staff or other responsible medical staff.
  • Prepares and submits routine reports on patient’s attendance, behavior, reaction to work on projects and work accomplishments, as directed by supervising therapist.
  • Provides assistance in completing surgical procedures, setting up operating room, arranging instruments, assisting surgeon and cleaning and sterilizing instruments and supplies.
  • Maintains and repairs medical equipment, including electropneumatic controls, x-ray machines, diagnostic equipment and projectors, adapters or modifies various types of durable medical equipment.
  • Accounts for all working tools, supplies, and equipment in the therapy or surgical area and maintains them in proper working condition.
  • Assists with treatment planning, scheduling and referral procedures as needed.
  • Provides service in accordance with programs planned by a professional supervisor.


Level I:     
Knowledge of fundamental methods, materials and equipment of designated therapy or medical program; and of necessary safety precautions.  Ability is required to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; to follow written and oral instructions; and work with and direct individuals or groups of patients.

Level II:    
A working knowledge of therapy techniques and medical procedures; of the kinds and uses of various therapy and medical equipment; and of methods of preparing materials and equipment for individual and group sessions, and for use in various medical procedures.  Ability is required to work effectively with patients; assist professionals with groups; assist professionals with teaching and coaching therapy techniques; to use specified therapy media; to maintain effective working relationships with others, to follow oral and written directions and instructions; and to maintain and keep written records of all treatments and compile these into periodic reports. 


The Therapeutic/Medical Aide job family consists of two levels which are distinguished by the level of complexity of assigned tasks and the expertise required to complete assigned tasks and activities.

Level I:    
This is the basic level where incumbents are assigned responsibilities for assisting in providing treatment to patients or performing other routine duties to build their skills in the specific type of therapeutic or medical program to which assigned.

Level II:   
This is the career level where incumbents are assigned responsibilities at the full performance level for a full range of duties related to assisting professionals with the treatment of patients and the maintenance of appropriate records of progress or in assisting professional staff in surgical procedures, or in the maintenance of various types of medical equipment.


Level I:    
Education and Experience requirements at this level are none.

Level II:    
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of one year of experience in assisting professional staff with therapy or medical aide to patients or repairing therapeutic medical equipment.


Special Requirements:

The Department of Veteran Affairs may require some positions to have possession of a valid Oklahoma driver’s license and/or possession of a Class C (CDL) Commercial Drivers License at the time of appointment.

The Department of Veterans Affairs may require current certification in good standing by the Oklahoma State Department of Health as a (CMA) Certified Medication Aide.

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