GRDA Senior Technician I (#Q12A)
$30.08-$45.12 hourly / $5,216.86-$7,820.80 monthly / $62,566.40-$93,849.60 annual

GRDA Senior Technician II (#Q12B)
$33.94-$50.90 hourly / $5,882.93-$8,822.66 monthly / $70,595.20-$105,872.00 annual


Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities for the coordination and supervision of the Grand River Dam Authority’s Technician unit involving the maintenance and repair of all aspects of an electrical utility.


The functions within this job family will vary by level, but may include the following:

• Manages and develops preventative maintenance programs.
• Coordinates operation of electrical and mechanical equipment.
• Coordinates building or power station operations.
• Inspects vertical and horizontal hydro-electric and thermal generation equipment, facilities, large electric generating plant equipment, transformers, oil circuit breakers, batteries, insulators, and voltage regulators.
• Ensures compliance with the Association of American Railroad standards; assists in making evaluations and recommendations for improvements on equipment based on AAR standards
• Trains subordinate employees.
• May supervise staff and evaluate job performance


Level I & II: Required at this level include knowledge of the principles of combustion; of troubleshooting and repair procedures; of safety equipment involved in handling potentially hazardous chemicals; of principles and techniques of effective supervision; and of various state and federal laws, rules, regulations and industry practices.


The Senior Technician consists of two levels which are distinguished based on the scope and breadth of responsibility associated with the program responsibilities assigned.

Level I: At this level, employees are assigned responsibilities involving a full range of activities such as: development, administration, coordination and management of a program; supervising and training of subordinate employees, and following compliance in the planning and directing of the activities of the technician unit.

Level II: At this level, employees are assigned overall responsibility for the planning, directing, and coordinating the principle activities of the Technician unit. Ensure that crews are trained adequately on technical and safety procedures, evaluate crew’s performance, and will perform all essential functions related to the position; ensuring that crews receive appropriate safety and technical training; completing performance evaluations; approving leave; and initiating disciplinary actions.


Level I: Requires seven years of technical experience in the utility or energy industry; or completion of two years of a four year apprenticeship program in the craft to which assigned plus five years of technical experience in the utility or energy industry; or completion of sixty semester hours of college course work which included twelve hours in chemistry, laboratory science, engineering, computer science, or information technology plus five years of technical experience in the utility or energy industry; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Level II: Requirements at this level consist of those identified in Level I plus two additional years of qualifying experience in a supervisory capacity.

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CLASS: Q12B; EST: 6/1/2017 10:05:00 AM; REV: 6/1/2017 10:05:00 AM;

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