Vocational Rehabilitation Teacher (#K27A)
$14.71-$26.97 hourly / $2,549.43-$4,673.96 monthly / $30,593.20-$56,087.54 annual


Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities which involve providing instruction in basic literacy and daily living skills to handicapped children and adults.


  • Administers achievement tests and analyzes results in order to determine level of achievement and the instruction needed by clients or students in order to correct educational deficiencies.
  • Encourages development of socially acceptable habits, attitudes, interests and abilities of students.
  • Coordinates tutorial activities with other therapy programs, classes and other activities conducted at the institution.
  • Assesses levels of achievement and evaluates programs and further needs of students; as indicated by need, refers clients to other community resources that are equipped to provide further specialized instruction or training.
  • Prepares, selects and requisitions textbooks, supplies and other teaching materials; arranges special study help; utilizes audio visual materials for background and supplementary teaching aids.
  • Conducts classes or gives individual instruction or tutoring in reading, writing, arithmetic, home economics, activities of daily living or other areas as needed.
  • Prepares students for GED tests by providing the basic training in education; makes arrangements for students to take tests and notifies counselors, social workers, or interested parties of results.
  • Provides counseling and teaches daily living skills, such as food preparation, consumer buying money management, self-care, clothing care and job-finding skills.
  • Maintains records on all participants as to attendance and progress; prepares regular reports for submission to project supervisor.


Knowledge of teaching techniques for mentally handicapped individuals; of current literature and sources of information in the teaching field; of special problems encountered in the remedial teaching of children and adults; of method of testing, diagnosis and classification of learning abilities; and of the principles of guidance and counseling.  Ability is required to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; to evaluate critically and objectively the educational achievements of students; and to plan, organize and conduct classes based on individual needs.


This job family consists of only one level and incumbent employees are responsible for performing all essential functions related to the position to which assigned.


Education and Experience requirements consist of possession of a current Oklahoma teaching certificate.

CLASS: K27A; EST: 9/6/2007; REV: 7/2/2012 7:45:00 AM;

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