Job Placement Specialist (#K24A)
$10.98-$20.13 hourly / $1,903.64-$3,490.01 monthly / $22,843.71-$41,880.14 annual

Job Placement Specialist II (#K24B)
$14.71-$26.97 hourly / $2,549.43-$4,673.96 monthly / $30,593.20-$56,087.54 annual


Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities involving the coordination, training and job placement of individuals with disabilities in competitive employment and other integrated settings including on the job training (OJT) and supported employment.


  • Develops and maintains relationships with businesses, Workforce Oklahoma, state and local entities and other employers to facilitate employment of individuals with disabilities.
  • Researches data regarding labor market, economic indicators and employment trends, and provides current employment leads to counselor and individuals seeking employment.
  • Evaluates work skill level in various areas and designs programs to meet employment goals.
  • Maintains case notes for individual progress; prepares reports of vocational training and progress made toward vocational adjustment and employment outcome as well as other necessary documentation records.
  • Place individuals into jobs to meet employment goals.
  • Coordinates, prepares and presents career counseling, job clubs, job search workshops, skills training, resume writing, interview techniques, job search and job readiness training, evaluation, and other employability services to applicants, employers, and other community based organizations.
  • Works with businesses, agencies and organizations to identify job vacancies and to remove barriers to employment and resolve issues related to integration and independence for individuals with disabilities; Performs job evaluations and task analysis.
  • Markets agency services to businesses and community organizations; Disseminates information; provides education, outreach and training to the general public, businesses, employers, community organizations and potential employees about services and disability issues.
  • Evaluates and monitors progress of individuals' who secure employment.


Level I:
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required include knowledge of basic principles and techniques of vocational guidance; of available community resources for the employment of persons with disabilities; of workplace health and safety precautions; and of instructional techniques.

Level II:
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required include those identified in Level I plus the ability to exercise good judgment; to evaluate situations and adopt effective courses of action; to present ideas clearly, concisely and persuasively, both orally and in writing; to plan and deliver briefings and presentations; and to secure and maintain the confidence and cooperation of both employers and individuals being placed.


This job family consists of two levels of work which are distinguished by the level of complexity and diversity of the specific job assignments and the level of expertise required for the completion of the duties assigned.

Level I:
This is the basic level of this job family where employees perform beginning level professional work in job placement activities, which may include developing and maintaining employer and business contacts, researching labor market data, maintaining case notes of individual progress and preparing reports, and assisting in training and job placement. This involves routine professional work under close supervision in a training status to build skills in providing required services.

Level II:
This is the career level where employees are assigned responsibility for completion of a full range of professional work in completing job placement activities, including contacting public and private employers to obtain employment opportunities and the actual placement of individuals with disabilities into jobs and monitoring their progress. This involves a substantial degree of independence in completing work assignments and making decisions.


Level I:
Education and Experience requirements consist of a bachelor’s degree and one year of experience in providing job placement in the private or public sector; or an equivalent combination of education and experience, substituting one additional year of qualifying experience for each year of the required bachelor’s degree.

Level II:
Education and Experience requirements include those identified in Level I plus one additional year of qualifying experience.


This job requires extensive travel and may include overnight stays and working beyond an 8 hour day and participation in continuing education courses regarding the field of Job Placement.

Some positions in the Department of Rehabilitation Services may require proficiency in manual sign language as demonstrated by the successful completion of a competency test administered by the Department of Rehabilitation Services.

CLASS: K24A; EST: 9/6/2007; REV: 1/5/2015;
CLASS: K24B; EST: 1/7/2015; REV: 1/7/2015;

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