Pharmacy Inspector I (#J53A)
$14.71-$26.97 hourly / $2,549.43-$4,673.96 monthly / $30,593.20-$56,087.54 annual

Pharmacy Inspector II (#J53B)
$16.08-$29.47 hourly / $2,786.69-$5,108.93 monthly / $33,440.25-$61,307.13 annual


Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities for planning, coordinating and conducting inspections, audits,  investigations, and other activities related to the regulation and control of pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, medical gas suppliers and distributors, and others involved in selling or otherwise dispensing controlled drugs and other substances.  This includes responsibility for coordinating and participating with other city, state and federal agencies as needed in activities related to the enforcement of the Oklahoma Pharmacy Act and other state and federal laws concerning controlled drugs and other substances.


The functions within this job family will vary by level, but may include the following: 

  • Plans, coordinates and conducts inspections and investigations of pharmacies and other drug outlets and facilities; ensures compliance with state and federal laws related to licensing and registration and the sale or dispensing of medicines, drugs, chemicals, poisons, medical gases and other substances; investigates violations of state law concerning the Oklahoma Pharmacy Act, Uniformed controlled Dangerous Substance Act, and other state and federal laws concerning the sale, storage, disposition and use of controlled drugs or other substances.
  • Plans and conducts audits of pharmacy records and other information to verify sales or other disposition of controlled substances.
  • Reviews and responds to complaints, alleged violations and other information concerning possible violations of state or federal laws; conducts surveillance activities and undercover operations as needed.
  • Gathers and analyzes information and evidence related to investigations; interviews principals, complainants, witnesses and others to gather information and facts concerning alleged violations; interrogates suspects; obtains signed statements and affidavits; serves legal documents; retrieves revoked or suspended licenses; makes arrests as needed.
  • Assists prosecutors in filing charges in both criminal and administrative court proceedings; prepares reports and other information concerning inspections, investigations and audits; develops exhibits and other evidence concerning violations; testifies in court and administrative hearings.Arranges for enforcement of Board decisions concerning discipline, probation, voluntary suspension, or other actions; administers the evaluation, monitoring, and reporting of compliance with Board decisions and terms of probation or other actions; may obtain biological samples from persons under Board ordered supervision and maintains evidentiary chain of custody.
  • Participates in in-service training; attends seminars, conferences and other training to meet continuing education requirements; studies professional material and other information relative to new investigative techniques and the practice of pharmacy; studies legal material relative to court rulings and state and federal law.
  • Speaks before various groups to present information concerning agency’s purposes and objectives; maintains liaison with other local, state, and federal agencies, law enforcement officials, and health care groups; coordinates joint investigations and other activities.
  • Advises Director and Board on matters concerning inspections, investigations, and audits; prepares quarterly, annual, and special reports concerning inspection activities, pending and completed investigations, and other matters; makes recommendations on changes in policies and procedures.


Level I:
Knowledge of modern criminal investigative techniques; of state and federal laws relating to controlled dangerous substances and dangerous drugs; of laws and court decisions concerning invasion of privacy and search, seizure and arrest; of laws and regulations relating to investigating records, reports and other documents; of firearm safety practices; of report writing techniques; of accounting and business records; and of computers and computer software.  Ability is required to plan, organize and conduct inspections and multiple investigations simultaneously; to testify in legal or administrative hearings; to gather and analyze evidence; to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; to organize and present facts in a clear and concise manner; to conduct interviews and interrogation; and to operate computers.

Level II:
Those identified in Level I plus additional knowledge of personnel practices; and of the principles and practices of effective supervision.


The Pharmacy Inspector job family has two levels of work which are distinguished based on the complexity of assignments, the level of expertise required to complete assigned duties  and the responsibility assigned for providing leadership to others.

Level I:
This is the career level of the job family where employees are assigned duties and responsibilities at the full-performance level and perform a variety of tasks involving planning, coordinating and conducting independent inspections and investigations of pharmacies and various other drug outlets and facilities where controlled drugs are sold, delivered, distributed or otherwise dispensed or stored.

Level II:
This is the leadership level of this job family where employees are assigned responsibility for planning, organizing and directing all activities involving the regulation of various drug outlets and other facilities throughout the state where controlled drugs and other substances are sold, stored or dispensed.  This includes responsibility for supervising, reviewing and evaluating the work of an assigned staff of inspectors who are responsible for conducting required inspections and investigations in an assigned area.


Level I:
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of a bachelor’s degree and one year of criminal investigative or drug enforcement experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience, substituting one additional year of qualifying experience for each year of the required education.

Level II:
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of those identified in Level I plus one additional year of qualifying experience.


 Applicants and incumbents must possess and maintain a valid Oklahoma driver’s license in order to perform necessary travel; applicants and incumbents will be subject to drug testing; applicants and incumbents must be of good moral character; applicants must possess the ability and willingness to carry a firearm and use deadly force as required; have and maintain physical and mental stamina to perform the work; be able to work alone; possess a willingness to accept the physical discomforts and/or dangers inherent in the work; be willing to relocate to the place of assignment anywhere in the state; be willing to be on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week; be willing to travel frequently and be away from home for extended periods of time; must pass a rigid physical, psychological, and character and background investigation; including a psychological evaluation similar to the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (70 O.S. Section 3311 D.2.b). as required; and as ordered by the Board Director; must either be certified as a Peace Officer at time of appointment or within twelve months successfully complete all requirements to become a certified peace officer as required in 59 O.S. Supp., 1995, Section 353.7 (6). and 70 O.S. Section 3311 and must possess a high school diploma or GED equivalency certification (970 O.S. Section 3311, D.2.c.)


No person who has received a verdict of guilty or pled guilty to any offense required to register pursuant to the Sex Offenders Registration Act is eligible for employment as a peace officer. (57 O.S. 589.C)

No person who has been convicted of a crime of moral turpitude who has not received a full pardon from the proper agency is eligible for employment as a peace officer. (70 O.S. 3311)

No person who has been convicted of a nonviolent felony and who has not received a full pardon from the proper authority, or who has been convicted of any other felony offense, is eligible for employment in this job classification. (21 O.S. 1283.B

No person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, who has not been pardoned for, or had the conviction expunged or set aside, or is subject to a court order that restrains the person from harassing, stalking, or threatening an intimate partner or the partners’ child or engaging in other conduct that would place an intimate partner or the partners’ child in reasonable fear of bodily injury and includes a finding that the person is a credible threat; or who has been dishonorably discharged from any branch of the armed services is eligible for employment in this job classification. (18 U.S.C. 922)

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