Landscape Architect (#F66A)
$16.08-$29.47 hourly / $2,786.69-$5,108.93 monthly / $33,440.25-$61,307.13 annual


Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities involving the planning, designing and directing of statewide landscape architectural construction projects; serves as professional consultant on related landscape development problems.


  • Plans, organizes, supervises and approves the development of landscape architectural project plans, construction drawings and specifications for roadside parks, campgrounds, walkways, parking areas, rest area facilities, highway rights-of-way, location of buildings, water systems, shelter units, major golf course addition, surface and subsoil drainage, erosion control, planting, reforestation, preservation of the natural landscape and other development features in accordance with accepted professional standards. 
  • Interviews and assists in the selection of outside professional consulting architects and/or engineers in accordance with the state's established architectural review process; serves as a liaison between consulting engineers and architectural firms on agency projects and schedules; coordinates the work of consulting firms including the review of technical plans and specifications for adherence to program guidelines, standards and applicable laws. 
  • Conducts detailed inspections and/or personal investigations of statewide landscape architectural projects and field studies of completed projects to determine effectiveness of design, materials and methods used and adherence to pertinent laws. 
  • Prepares reports and makes estimates and recommendations for new projects or additional work on existing facilities; consults with and advises division and executive director on plans, specifications and construction requirements. 
  • Reviews and approves pay requests from outside agencies working on contractual landscape projects based on detailed field inspection and plan/specification review; recommends final acceptance of such work. 
  • Conducts in-service training courses for personnel in the interpretation of specifications and the application of materials and methods pertaining to landscape architecture. 
  • Works with outside consulting firms and agency staff in formulating construction costs and budgets; develops implementation schedules. 
  • Evaluates the performance of subordinate staff to improve performance and productivity and to ensure a complete and objective appraisal of each subordinate's performance; establishes performance criteria for each employee to provide information to the staff member on the expectations of individual work performance; identifies performance strengths and deficiencies; designs an individual development plan; conducts performance evaluation interviews. 
  • Approves leave requests of subordinate staff ensuring the maintenance of appropriate staffing levels in the work unit. 
  • Creates and maintains documentation to support corrective discipline actions; conducts informal and formal corrective discipline interviews; initiates corrective discipline actions ensuring compliance with the Merit Rules of Personnel Administration. 
  • Represents the agency in consultations with the general public, civic organizations, other governmental agencies and private concerns concerning land management, ecological and environmental pollution control and other development objectives. 
  • Attends conferences and short courses; studies research publications related to project development, environmental pollution and soil and plant sciences. 
  • Prepares and processes requisitions for needed materials and supplies.


Level I :                             
Knowledge of the principles and techniques of landscape architecture; of construction and planning management techniques and practices; of erosion control methods; of disease and pest control practices necessary to maintain plant material; of report writing; of cost estimate and budget preparation; of laws, regulations and policies related to the landscape architectural field; and of the principles of training and supervision.  Ability is required to design and supervise the development of master plans, designs and specifications; to organize and implement multiple landscape construction projects simultaneously; to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; to analyze situations and determining sound courses of action; and to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. 


Level I :                              
The Landscape Architect job family consists of only one level and incumbent employees are responsible for performing all functions related to the position. 


Level I:                                    
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of registration as a licensed landscape architect with the Board of Governors of the Licensed Architects and Landscape Architects of Oklahoma and one year of experience in the design and/or installation phases of landscaping.
NOTE: Registration is granted by the state through the Board of Governors of Licensed Architects and Landscape Architects of Oklahoma.  The requirements for registration are in accordance with 59 O.S.  Supp 1988, Section 46.31.


Applicants must be willing and able to fulfill all job-related travel normally associated with this position.

CLASS: F66A; EST: 8/27/2007; REV: 7/2/2012 7:45:00 AM;

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