Carpenter I (#F44A)
$10.31-$18.30 hourly / $1,786.75-$3,172.65 monthly / $21,441.00-$38,071.77 annual

Carpenter II (#F44B)
$10.98-$20.13 hourly / $1,903.64-$3,490.01 monthly / $22,843.71-$41,880.14 annual


Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities involving skilled carpentry work in a state agency, facility or institution.  This may include the construction, maintenance or repair of various buildings, structures or fixtures.


The functions within this job family will vary by level, but may include the following:

  •  Erects, maintains and repairs various types of buildings, sheds, scaffolds, forms, frames, fences and other structures; builds and repairs bridges and culverts; alters, repairs and maintains doors, floors, partitions, roofs, stairways, windows, screens and other wooden fixtures; repairs or replaces wooden parts on truck beds, wagons, machinery and equipment; builds and repairs park benches, roadside tables and signs; repairs venetian blinds and awnings; fits and glazes glass windows and doors. 
  • Reconstructs, alters or repairs tables, chairs, benches, counters, lockers, shelves and window frames; performs some cabinet work; makes rough sketches and estimates the cost of new structures and repair work; advises in the selection of building materials; prepares preliminary requisitions; stores building materials and supplies. 
  • Does skilled hand and bench work in a carpentry shop; operates planers, joiners, power saws, routers, drill press and other woodworking equipment; cleans, sharpens, oils, greases and repairs hand and power tools; instructs and trains semiskilled and unskilled helpers; assigns tasks and checks work in process and upon completion; supervises patient helpers when assigned; keeps time, material and job records for assigned work details.  
  • Makes estimates on construction and renovation costs; prepares requisitions for materials; checks materials stores; interprets work orders, blueprints, technical orders and other specifications; maintains records and reports of time, materials used, and work performed.



Level I :                                 
Knowledge of the materials, method, tools and equipment used in carpentry; and of the safety precautions of the trade.  Ability is required to alter, maintain and repair wood and wood-substitute articles, fixtures and structures, including glass, flooring and roof installation; to estimate time, materials and costs; to read and interpret blueprints and sketches; to follow written and oral instructions; and to train and direct unskilled helpers.  

Level II:                                
Those identified in Level I plus knowledge of tools and equipment used in cabinet work; and of supervisory principles and practices and the ability to supervise the work of other carpenters and unskilled helpers. 


This job family consists of two levels which are distinguished based on the complexity of work assigned and the responsibility assigned for the supervision of others. 

Level I:                                    
This is the career level of this job family where employees are assigned responsibilities involving skilled carpentry work at the full performance level involving the construction, maintenance or repair of various buildings, structures or fixtures. Responsibilities may also be assigned for providing training and guidance to unskilled or semi-skilled workers assigned to assist on various projects. 
Level II:                                
This is the leadership level of this job family where employees are assigned responsibilities involving the supervision of skilled carpentry work.  This will include planning and organizing various projects, determining materials needed  and staffing requirements, and making  work assignments to assigned staff.   Responsibilities may also include performing highly skilled carpentry work, such as cabinet work and the construction and assembly of products such as tables, desks and chairs.  


Level I :                                    
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of two years of experience in skilled carpentry work or an equivalent combination of education/training and experience in the carpentry trade. 

Level II:                          
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of those identified in Level I plus two additional years of experience as a skilled carpenter of cabinet maker.


In order to operate state-owned vehicles in the performance of regularly assigned duties, some positions may require that the successful applicant possess a valid Oklahoma driver’s license at the time of appointment.

Upon a conditional offer of employment, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services applicants must submit to a physical examination and shall meet the physical examination requirements of occasionally lifting/carrying 80 pounds, 25 pounds frequently, able to push and pull a maximum force of 40 pounds and able to lift and hold overhead up to 40 pounds.

CLASS: F44A; EST: 8/21/2007; REV: 7/2/2012 7:45:00 AM;
CLASS: F44B; EST: 8/21/2007; REV: 7/2/2012 7:45:00 AM;

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