Fire Support - Preparedness Coordinator (#F16A)
$12.08-$22.15 hourly / $2,093.99-$3,838.98 monthly / $25,127.84-$46,067.71 annual


Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities for performing work in the inspection, evaluation and acquisition of surplus property from federal, state and local governments.


  • Reviews lists, reports and computer generated information on available property for the state’s donation program from federal and state entities and institutions; determines the potential use and desirability of property; may drive a tractor trailer (18 wheeler) truck or other type of transport vehicle to a specific location(s); physically inspects and tests property and makes a procurement recommendation.
  • Negotiates service and handling fees to assure donation values are obtained. 
  • Completes procurement documents, verifies availability, annotates list identifying special requests and class of property; contacts agency for formal property request documentation.
  • Loads equipment obtained on transport vehicle and transports equipment back to Property Distribution or to the property recipient.
  • Provides technical assistance and information to donor recipients on procurement procedures, type and quantities of property, utilization, demand and adaptation of surplus property.
  • Reviews and evaluates eligible recipients’ needs and makes recommendations regarding surplus property. 
  • Develops and maintains effective and cooperative relations with government officials and recipients. 
  • Maintains a current knowledge of state and federal laws, rules and regulations regarding surplus property programs. 
  • Makes periodic inspection trips to contact surplus property donees to determine compliance with applicable rules and regulations covering the utilization of surplus property. 
  • Counsels with and advises eligible institutions and agencies of federal and state regulations covering the acquisitions and use of surplus property. 
  • Prepares listings of property, including description, quantity, government acquisition cost, nomenclature, size, serial number, weight and method of packing. 
  • Arranges for the transfer of surplus property from a Federal Holding Agency to a warehouse.


Knowledge of surplus property procurement and utilization practices; of the inspection, evaluation and determination of utility of surplus property; of the equipment, tools, fixtures and related items in normal use by educational, health and other governmental institutions and agencies; of warehousing, packaging and transportation of a variety of items; and of business English and arithmetic.  Ability is required to understand complex rules and regulations; to operate and maintain various types of heavy and light equipment used in the loading, unloading and transport of property obtained; and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.


The Surplus Property Agent job family consists of only one level and incumbent employees are responsible for performing all essential functions related to the position to which assigned.

Level I:                                      
The Surplus Property Agent job family consists of only one level and incumbent employees are responsible for performing all essential functions related to the position to which assigned.


Education and Experience requirements consist of three years of experience in commercial or governmental property reutilization operations; or equivalent experience in purchasing or procurement procedures; or an equivalent combination of education and experience, substituting the successful completion of thirty semester hours of college course work for each year of the experience, with a maximum substitution of two years.*
*NOTE:  Some positions may require six semester hours of business administration as a part of the 30 semester hours substitution.


Applicants must be willing and able to fulfill all job-related travel normally associated with this position.


Based upon the position to be filled, applicants may be required to meet licensing requirements necessary to operate a tractor trailer (18 wheeler) both intra and inter state; a Class A Commercial Driver’s License may be require

CLASS: F16A; EST: 8/20/2007; REV: 7/2/2012 7:45:00 AM;

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