Administrative Technician I (#E16A)
$9.99-$15.13 hourly / $1,731.67-$2,621.94 monthly / $20,780.00-$31,463.27 annual

Administrative Technician II (#E16B)
$9.99-$16.64 hourly / $1,731.67-$2,884.28 monthly / $20,780.00-$34,611.38 annual

Administrative Technician III (#E16C)
$10.31-$18.30 hourly / $1,786.75-$3,172.65 monthly / $21,441.00-$38,071.77 annual

Administrative Technician IV (#E16D)
$10.98-$20.13 hourly / $1,903.64-$3,490.01 monthly / $22,843.71-$41,880.14 annual


Positions in this job family are assigned duties and responsibilities involving document production and management through a variety of manual or technological processes.  This may include preparing correspondence, reports or other documents, maintaining various filing systems, including computer records of various activities, reviewing and processing applications for permits or licenses, assisting agency customers with inquiries or problems concerning an assigned program area, processing various types of claims, requisitions, purchase orders and invoices for payment, and similar duties.


The functions within this job family will vary by level, but may include the following:

  • Maintains a variety of records such as perpetual inventories of supplies and materials, and statements of expenditures; reconciles departmental records with central records; prepares correspondence, forms and reports.
  • Initiates and handles correspondence relating to a special field or program in regards to agency or program rules, policies, procedures, or requirements.
  • Performs a variety of sorting and filing tasks; answers the phone, takes messages, and disseminates information; opens, sorts, distributes, collects, and delivers mail; performs a number of tasks such as posting and recording data.
  • Produces documents of various levels of complexity, ranging from plain copy typing to the manipulation of data to create complex presentations.
  • Enters and retrieves information using personal computer or other data processing equipment, and receives and reviews coded and uncoded source documents; proofs previously entered data and makes routine corrections.
  • Examines, checks, and verifies reports and other documents for completeness, appropriateness, adequacy, and conformity to established requirements, and follows up on discrepancies.
  • Maintains an inventory of equipment and supplies used in office or shop operations; receives or delivers materials and equipment.
  • Supervises staff and activities involved in the performance of specialized or technical work, which involves the exercise of independent judgment; develops operational procedures and trains staff.
  • Reviews and processes claims from vendors, contractors, medical providers and others for reimbursement or payment under various state programs.
  • Assists customers in securing needed information and documents; conducts interviews to obtain information from clients; provides transportation or other assistance to clients as required.


Level I:    
Knowledge of office methods and procedures; and of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and basic mathematics.  Skill is required to operate office machines including computers/PCs.  Ability is required to follow oral and written instructions and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.

Level II:   
Those identified in Level I plus knowledge of preparing and interpreting charts and graphs; of basic bookkeeping procedures; of mathematics; of inventory techniques; of telephone procedures; and of standard business communications.  Ability is required to establish and maintain filing systems and to prepare documents.

Level III:    
Those identified in Level II, plus knowledge of current office technologies; and ability to prepare documents, reports, and files for dissemination to external sources.

Level IV:    
Those identified in Level III, plus knowledge of supervisory principles and practices and ability is required to analyze situations and make decisions in accordance with rules, laws, and regulations; and to supervise and train staff.



The Administrative Technician job family consists of four levels of work which are distinguished by the complexity of job assignments, the extent of responsibility, and specific duties assigned, the level of expertise required for the completion of assigned tasks, and the responsibility for the supervision of others.

Level I:     
This is the basic level where employees perform only the most routine tasks.  Employees will be expected to gain in-depth knowledge of the program or services being offered.

Level II:   
This is the career level of this job family where employees are assigned duties at all levels of complexity.  Some responsibility may also be assigned for providing training or assistance to lower level employees.

Level III:    
This is the specialist level where employees will independently perform most complex and technical duties, such as preparing presentations through manipulation of data, or preparing documents for audits or special reports.  Some responsibility may be assigned for the functional supervision of other employees on a limited basis.

Level IV:    
This is the leadership level where employees are assigned responsibilities for the supervision of lower-level staff providing technical support for an agency, program, or service.  This will include assignment and review of work, insuring completion of required activities, and providing training in work processes and other areas.



Level I:    
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of six months of clerical office experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience, substituting one of the following for the required experience:  (a) six months of technical or vocational training course work or high school training in business or office machines; or (b) the completion of 15 semester hours from a college or university.
Level II:  
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of one year of clerical office experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Level III:    
Education and Experience requirements at this level include those identified in Level II, plus one additional year of qualifying experience.

Level IV:    
Education and Experience requirements for this level include those identified in Level III, plus one additional year of qualifying experience.


Some positions within the Oklahoma Department of Human Services may require frequent job-related travel.



Some positions may require skill in typing accurately from plain copy at a rate of forty words per minute.

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