Community Relations Specialist I (#C14A)
$13.38-$24.53 hourly / $2,318.94-$4,251.39 monthly / $27,827.27-$51,016.65 annual

Community Relations Specialist II (#C14B)
$16.08-$29.47 hourly / $2,786.69-$5,108.93 monthly / $33,440.25-$61,307.13 annual

Community Relations Specialist III (#C14C)
$17.68-$32.42 hourly / $3,065.31-$5,619.73 monthly / $36,783.71-$67,436.80 annual


Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities related to meeting statutory and other goals for eliminating discrimination through coordination with communities, civic organizations and other groups.  This includes collecting, analyzing and reporting on information concerning human rights related problems and discrimination and assisting various groups with obtaining fair and equitable treatment.


The functions within this job family will vary by level, but may include the following:

  • Prepares reports and studies on human rights-related problems and needs which serve to heighten awareness of state officials, legislators and citizens; disseminates such information through public assemblies, lectures, media appearances and conferences; urges citizen involvement in resolution of such problems.
  • Assists groups of citizens, particularly racial/ethnic minorities, women and handicapped persons, in securing fair and equitable treatment; works with local civic organizations, committees, church groups, civil rights organizations and official and quasi-official agencies to address specific issues that impact upon such groups.
  • Assists in organizing a statewide network of concerned groups and individuals for the purpose of sharing information about human rights-related problems and activities; continually updates information by attending conferences, seminars and workshops concerning current human rights issues.
  • May act as liaison between public school officials and school patrons to resolve educational problems and practices that impact negatively upon quality of intergroup relations; prepares audio and visual materials to accompany presentations; monitors activities of groups which have a negative effect on status of inter-race relations in the state.
  • Intervenes effectively in communities in the wake of civil disorder; serves as liaison with appropriate law enforcement agencies and local governmental units to defuse possibility of violence; designs and develops system to aid in the process of community reorganization and restoration; aids groups of citizens in establishing meaningful dialogue and cooperation with local officials and governmental bodies; mediates and conciliates disputes; ensure terms of problem resolution are adhered to by parties involved.
  • Supervises and assigns duties to the other Community Relations Specialists; provides Director with periodic reports on status of department activities.


Level I:   
Knowledge of federal and state civil rights laws governing discrimination in employment, public accommodations and housing; and of intergroup and inter-racial relations.  Ability is required to conduct interviews, complete analyses, and draft documents; to read and comprehend complex statutes, guidelines and other technical matter; to express ideas and concepts clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.

Level II: 
Those identified in Level I plus knowledge of the techniques used in research and investigation projects; and the ability to collect, interpret and utilize relevant statistics.

Level III: 
Those identified in Level II plus knowledge of procedures involving the investigation of discrimination complaints and the organizational structure and functioning of the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Oklahoma Human Rights Commission or similar agencies and their area of jurisdiction; and of local ordinances and administrative agency rulings relating to discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex or physical handicap; and of supervisory principles and practices. Ability is also required to teach relevant technical matter in a classroom situation; to conduct several projects simultaneously; and to review and supervise the work of others.



There are three levels in this job family which are distinguished by the complexity of work assigned, the experience required to do the work and the responsibility for providing supervision to others.

Level I:  
At this level employees are assigned responsibilities for assisting and performing beginning level professional work in meeting the statutory goals of eliminating discrimination in employment, public accountancy and housing.  Work is performed under close supervision in a training status to build their skills in preparing reports and studies on human rights-related problems and needs and disseminating information to various groups of citizens.  Increasing responsibilities will be assigned with more independence as their job duties demand.

Level II:  
This is the career level of this job family where employees are assigned responsibilities at the full performance level for performing various activities statewide involving providing assistance to interested civic, community or other groups in insuring that fair and equitable treatment is provided to all citizens.

Level III: 
This is the leadership level of the Community Relations Specialist job family where employees are assigned responsibilities involving the supervision of others in providing assistance to groups of citizens statewide toward meeting statutory goals in insuring that fair and equitable treatment is provided to all citizens, as well as additional responsibilities for providing periodic reports on the status of department activities.



Level I:    
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of a bachelor’s degree in a social or behavioral science, business or public administration, communications or public relations, or an equivalent combination of education and experience, substituting one year of professional experience in affirmative action, public administration, communications, or public relations for each year of the required education.

Level II:   
Education and Experience required at this level consist of those identified in Level I plus one additional year of professional experience in affirmative action,  communications, or public relations.

Level III:   
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of those identified in Level II plus one  year of  experience investigating or mediating formal complaints of civil rights discrimination.


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