Cookies must be turned on to use the online application

Why and How Cookies Are Used:

The online employment application requires the use of cookies so that you may spend as much time as is needed on each part without "timing out".  If you begin the online application process and your cookies are turned off, you will be given a notice to turn them on with instructions on how to do so.

 Only the following information is stored in the cookies: a reference to your application number and information from the job bulletin, such as the recruitment number, job title, filing deadline and additional required materials.

Cookies are only used to provide linking information from screen to screen as you move through the application process. Only the cookie information saved on your computer by this program can be retrieved by this program.

All cookie data placed by this program is removed upon properly exiting the program and/or shutting down your browser. Proper exiting of the program means that you either made a final submission of the application you were working on or you clicked on the exit button to leave the program.

If you wish to use the On-Line Employment Application System, you must first turn on your cookies and/or choose to accept all cookies placed by this program. 

How to Turn On Cookies:

To turn on Cookies in Internet Explorer 5, select Tools/Internet Options then select the Security tab and click on the Custom Level button. Scroll down to Cookies and click on Enable for all cookies options. Click OK and click OK again.

To turn on Cookies in Netscape 4, select Edit/Preferences. Then single click on the category Advanced and in the section for Cookies, click on the radio button for Accept all Cookies. Click OK.