Recruitment #220118-R25A-01


Cover letter and resume must be submitted with application.


This position is a full-time, state employee position which includes salary plus benefits including medical insurance, paid annual and sick leave, and contributions toward retirement.  Depending on qualifications and experience, opening salary offered for this position ranges from $58,000 - $70,000. 

The position works to communicate and coordinate with Oklahoma’s local, state, federal and other partners working on soil health and regenerative agriculture initiatives across the state.  This position is also responsible for managing the Oklahoma Conservation Commission (OCC) Soil Health Education Program and coordinating those activities with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts, the Nature Conservancy, and other partners.  The primary goal for this position will be to increase the knowledge of USDA NRCS local and conservation district staff and the public about the importance and functions of soil and the impact its management has on food and forage production, air and water quality.  The position supervises a staff of 4 or more full and part-time positions within the soil health program. The position is supervised by the Water Quality Division Director, with oversight from the OCC Executive Director, and is based in Oklahoma City although work is statewide.

• Coordinate statewide with partners to compile partners’ program goals, targeted audiences, and areas of expertise into a Coordinated Soil Health Plan for Oklahoma that will further knowledge about and adoption of soil health practices;
• Work with partners to plan soil health BMPs and monitoring into projects, including the development of budgets and grant and other proposals to fund projects;
• Supervision of the OCC Soil Health staff including 2 full time and 1 part-time Soil Health Educators and the Soil Health Mentoring Coordinator;
• Coordinate and administrate soil health projects with partners, including financial tracking and reporting necessary for grant and program management to include requests for financial reimbursement from partners;
• Disseminate information across all organizations active in the soil health movement in an effort to avoid duplication of service;
• Maintain a calendar of and track all soil health events in the state;
• Develop guidance for partners on how to hold a successful soil health event;
• Oversee soil health training planning and implementation;
• Maintain and Improve methods for tracking environmental results of soil health adoption statewide to include soil sampling and related measurement of indicators of soil health;
• Improve and expand partnership with new and existing partners;
• Support local offices in advancing soil health awareness with a goal of establishing at least one on-farm demonstration site in every county and increasing the number of acres with soil health systems being applied;
• Participate as an administrator and editor of the OK Soil Health Facebook page;
• Represent the program at meetings and by making local, regional and national presentations;
• Preparation of reports and communication of soil health activities among partnership; and
• Respond to public and partner inquiries.

The position requires:
• Understanding the role of soil health in environmental processes and familiarity with partners engaged in the Oklahoma Soil Health Initiative;
• Ability to draft proposals, workplans, budgets, grant applications, and project reports, preferred;
• Ability to plan, organize, prioritize, and complete work assignments and to direct others to do the same;
• Must be highly organized, motivated, self-starter skilled in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with others;
• Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing and have the ability to work independently or collaboratively as requested; with ability to develop and deliver programs for adults, formal and informal educators, and the general public;
• Knowledge of Oklahoma’s ecology, natural resources, and natural history and of state and federal programs that aim to conserve natural resources preferred;
• Knowledge of USDA, OCC and partner programs available to promote soil health and knowledge of guidelines and rules of those programs preferred;
• Knowledge of soil and other resource sampling techniques and methodologies and well as laboratory analytical procedures preferred;
• Ability to establish and implement statewide training, education, and outreach programs; and
• Ability to evaluate and report on program accomplishments and develop and implement plans for improvement.

• Advanced knowledge of soil science, soil health principles, and of management tools and other strategies to address soil health and its impacts on other natural resources;
• Ability to effectively communicate and cooperate with a wide variety of experts, beginners, urban citizens, agricultural producers, agencies, tribes and other to develop and obtain program goals;
• Ability to supervise OCC soil health program staff but also to provide guidance and assistance to partnering experts in meeting soil health program needs;
• Understanding of and experience with Oklahoma agricultural production statewide;
• Must be a legal resident of the United States and possess a valid Oklahoma driver’s license;
• Must be willing to travel to meet program needs – including overnight trips; and
• Requires irregular work weeks involving long work days and potential weekend work to meet facilitate meetings with private citizens.


Possession of a master’s degree (or higher) in soil conservation or related agricultural or natural resource discipline such as agronomy, soil science, agricultural education, biology, ecology, or rangeland management and a minimum of two years of professional experience in soil assessment, conservation practice planning and effectiveness evaluation and include program management.  A bachelor’s plus four year’s experience can substitute. Position requires administrative experience managing programs including financial management and prefers at least one year of supervisory experience.


Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

No additional information will be accepted after the application has been submitted.