Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Site Remediation Specialist (#20003520)

General Statement

Performs professional site remediation work by monitoring investigatory and remediation activities at the field level.  Supervises the collection and analysis of samples, assures site safety and assists the Engineer of Site Remediation in the analysis and presentation of data.

Essential Job Functions

Essential job functions are fundamental, core functions common to positions in a classification.  They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all job duties for any one position in the class.  Since class specifications are designed to be descriptive and not restrictive, incumbents may complete one or all of the job duties listed or tasks of similar kind not specifically listed here.

  • Coordinates the storage, collection and off-site disposal of hazardous waste and preparation of contracts for these services.
  • Maintains documentation for hazardous waste management and related emergency procedures.
  • Supervises remediation activities to ensure compliance with the remediation plan and contracts.
  • Assures investigatory activities are in compliance with contract and plan documents through supervision and monitoring of site investigation activities.
  • Conducts site inspections and environmental condition  reviews to determine physical conditions and environmental history of sites.  Collects and analyzes field sampling and historical site data.  Determines nature and extent of contamination and pathways of exposure.
  • Determines the sequence of site remediation activities in the field.
  • Assists in preparation of contracts for site investigation activities to ensure site investigation requirements will be met.
  • Creates, maintains, documents and certifies site files and records.

Other Job Functions

  • Coordinates the preparation of hazardous waste management and related emergency procedures.
  • Assists District facilities and departments with USEPA and IEPA compliance inspections and responses to Notices of Violation.
  • Acts as primary emergency coordinator for in-house emergencies involving hazardous wastes as identified in applicable District contingency plans.
  • Develops and implements training related to the identification, generation, handling and storage of hazardous waste.
  • Attend pre-bid meetings to answer inquires on site remediation contracts.
  • Prepares cost/schedule estimates for site remediation contracts.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Environmental Conditions

Typical office environment.  May use standard office equipment and computer terminals. Involves working in close proximity to or in conjunction with construction activities and heavy equipment, exposure to open excavations and slopes on remediation sites, and may involve contact with hazardous or toxic material.  May require frequent exposure to a variety of weather conditions.

Desirable Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Thorough knowledge of environmental site remediation technology.
  • Thorough knowledge of soil and water sampling techniques.
  • Thorough knowledge of recent developments in the area of environmental site remediation.
  • Considerable knowledge of the legal and regulatory aspects of environmental site remediation.
  • Considerable knowledge of construction contracting practices related to environmental site remediation.
  • Considerable knowledge of industrial chemical waste generation and handling as obtained through hazardous waste worker 40-hour (Hazwoper) training and/or advanced hazardous waste management training.
  • Considerable knowledge of waste analysis, characterization, profiling, packaging, storage, manifesting and shipment.
  • Ability to supervise field site remediation activities in accordance with established plan and contractual provisions.
  • Ability to understand and interpret detailed site remediation schedules prepared by the critical path method.
  • Ability to complete a 40 Hour Hazardous Worker Training program.
  • Ability to develop detailed specifications, reports and designs from general outline assignments.
  • Ability to utilize word processors, spread sheets, data base managers, and similar applications.
  • Ability to express oneself clearly and concisely, orally and in writing.

Absolute Requirements

Registration as a Professional Engineer in the State of Illinois.  Possession of a valid driver's license.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Graduation from an accredited four year college or university majoring in civil, environmental or chemical engineering; geological sciences or hydrology.  Four years of experience in environmental site remediation, including at least two years as a project manager of site remediation activities in the field.


Graduate study in any of the above-listed academic areas may be substituted for the required non-specialized experience on a year-for-year basis to a maximum of two years.

Promotional Requirement

  • None

CLASS: 20003520; EST: 1/1/1900; REV: 5/1/2023;