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9-1-1 Telecommunicator will be open for applications several times throughout 2022. *Only applicants who meet the minimum requirements will be invited to participate in the selection process.

NEW INCREASED SALARY RATE (see below under salary)

Application Period Opens:

Application Period Closes:

Practical Test Administered Week of:

(Exact dates to be determined)

March 4, 2022

April 1, 2022

April 11, 2022


City of Milwaukee 9-1-1 Telecommunicators provide for the operation of the Milwaukee Police and Fire Departments’ Computer Aided Dispatch System and Enhanced 9-1-1 system. Requests for service vary from life threatening emergency responses to fulfilling legal and administrative requirements for police or fire personnel involvement.


Essential Functions

· Receive, prioritize, document and handle calls for 911 emergency and non-emergency calls for assistance from the public and protective service (Police and Fire) personnel.

· Update information as received, entering it into the Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD).

· Refer callers to other agencies according to the needs expressed and/or information required by callers.

· Determine the significance of requests for service and assign an appropriate level of protective service resources.

· Work collaboratively with district supervisors and incident command to monitor and control the response of personnel to calls for service or emergency situations.

· Operate, enter and retrieve information using the CAD and Department forms.

· Respond promptly and effectively to requests received by radio from protective service personnel and/or supervisors for personnel, equipment or other stated needs.

· Monitor the status of units, which are out of service and take appropriate action.

· Report noncompliance by personnel with prescribed rules, operating procedures, or FCC regulations to department supervisory staff.

· Receive and process emergency and non-emergency calls for service received through the enhanced 9-1-1 system and other means.

· Contact callers who may be receiving a delayed response to their service request, to determine whether to dispatch police or fire personnel or whether an alternative response is appropriate.

· Perform all duties consistent with Department policy.

Reasonable accommodations requested by qualified individuals with disabilities will be made in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, as amended by the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) of 2008.

Conditions of Employment

· Technical Communications and Technical Services Divisions maintain operations on a 24/7 basis.

· Work all shifts as assigned, including night shift (3:30 PM-7:30 AM).

· Work most weekends, holidays, rotating days off and overtime when required.

Minimum Requirements

1.    At least 18 years old at time of application

2.     United States citizenship, or be legally authorized to work permanently for any employer within the United States.

3.     Must successfully pass a Background Investigation.

4.    Six months experience as a fire, police or ambulance dispatcher, or Protective Service Telecommunicator OR

o    Two years of experience with multi-faceted customer contact or 

o    Telephone work performing duties such as receiving and/or resolving complaints, problem solving, quick decision making, multi-tasking or 

· Having responsibility for giving and receiving information in high stress environments.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Other Characteristics

· Knowledge of Microsoft Windows, including "short keys" allowing for rapid navigation within programs.

· Knowledge of Computer program operations.

· Knowledge of City boundaries and boundaries of suburban communities; major buildings, landmarks, and major streets in the City of Milwaukee.

· Ability to perform several tasks simultaneously, especially listening, talking and typing.

· Ability to actively listen to callers, establishing rapport, and ask appropriate questions to quickly assess their needs.

· Ability to effectively communicate with a wide variety of callers from different socioeconomic and ethnic groups, often in stressful, emergency or difficult situations.

· Ability to quickly identify the most important information provided by callers.

· Ability to quickly and accurately enter information, including numerical data, into the C.A.D. system in standard English, in a readable format.

· Ability to maintain composure during emergencies and when interacting with challenging customers.

· Ability to memorize codes, names, street locations, landmarks, and other information.

· Ability to learn new procedures.

· Ability to use standard English and rules regarding English grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

· Ability to speak and understand English clearly over communications equipment.

· Ability to read maps rapidly and accurately. Ability to work in a seated position for long periods of time.

Current Salary

The current starting salary rate (PR 5IN) is $57,433  annually (resident), and $55,760 annually (non-resident).

The City of Milwaukee offers a comprehensive benefits program that includes the following:    

· Defined Benefit Pension Plan

· 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

· Health and Dental Insurance

· Comprehensive Wellness Program

· Onsite Clinic Services

· Onsite Employee Assistance Program

· Alternative Work Schedules

· Long Term Disability Insurance

· Group Life Insurance

· Tuition Benefits

· Paid Vacation

· 11 Paid Holidays

· Paid Sick Leave and other paid leaves

· Flexible Spending Arrangement

· Commuter Value Pass


Selection Process

THE SELECTION PROCESS will be job related and will consist of one or more of the following: written job simulation exercise, job performance test, typing test, and/or oral interview. Applicants must qualify on all parts of the examination. Qualified candidates will be notified of the date, time and location of the examination.  

If you will be unavailable for one or more portions of the examination due to military service or training, you must provide email notification to fpcjobs@milwaukee.gov or written notification to the Fire and Police Commission, City Hall Room 705 prior to the examination.


ELIGIBLE LIST: This will be a continuous recruitment with the position being posted and accepting new applicants several times in 2022. Candidates who successfully pass the examination process will be placed on an eligible list, with ranking based upon the test scores plus any applicable preference points (see below).   

PREFERENCE POINTS:  Preference points may be added to the final passing score in accordance with State Statutes and Fire and Police Commission Rules.  All preference point documentation must be submitted by the application deadline. Documentation can be attached to the application or submitted via email to fpcjobs@milwaukee.gov by the application deadline of April 1, 2022. When submitting preference point documentation via email the subject line MUST read “911 Telecommunicator Preference Points”.
· Qualified veterans will receive military preference points added to the final passing score; a DD-214 is required as proof of service.
· Preference points may be added to the final passing score, if you are a bona fide resident of the City of Milwaukee when you apply; proof of residency must be provided.  

APPOINTMENTS: Final appointment as a 9-1-1 Operator is contingent upon passing all pre-employment components, the number of vacancies, and approval by the Fire and Police Commission.  

Pre-employment Medical Examination, Psychological evaluation and drug test: Individuals offered employment must pass a pre-employment medical examination, psychological evaluation, and drug test as a condition of employment.  

ELIGIBLE LIST and APPOINTMENTS: Candidates who successfully qualify on all parts of the examination are placed on an eligible list in order of final score. Qualified veterans will receive military preference points added to the final passing score in accordance with State Statutes and Fire and Police Commission Rules. The eligible list will remain in effect for two years from the date of adoption or until exhausted, unless rescinded or extended by the Fire and Police Commission. Appointments are contingent upon the number of vacancies and passing a background investigation and medical examination, including a drug screen test.

Additional Information

APPLICATIONS will be accepted through Friday, April 1, 2022. Application materials can be accessed at www.jobaps.com/MIL. Additional information about the application process can be obtained by emailing fpcjobs@milwaukee.gov or in person at City of Milwaukee Department of Employee Relations, Room 705, City Hall, 200 E Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53202-3554, or by calling 414.286.5000. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline, unless extended.