Fire Lieutenant

Open only to Montgomery Fire Rescue Employees

Recruitment #22-CI8020-01

Salary Information

Compensation plans are based on a multi-step progression system. The pay range reflects the entry level and maximum salary potential in the assigned pay grade.

**A starting salary may be negotiated and will be commensurate with education, training and experience in alignment with pay administration policies and MCCP Board Rules & Regulations**

Nature of Work

This is skilled firefighting work and supervisory work directing activities of a fire company during an assigned shift or specialized division work.  Work includes overseeing and directing station or division personnel or recruits, managing personnel problems, maintaining records and files, overseeing employee development efforts, and performing or assigning public service activities.  Lieutenant has direct command over a number of firefighters or medics on an assigned shift or personnel assigned to a specific division.  At an emergency incident, employees are responsible for ordering and commanding their suppression, medic or rescue operations until relieved of command by a superior officer.  Division Lieutenants perform division-specific tasks to include conducting inspections, arson investigations or training classes and may work independently.  Lieutenants report to a Division Captain or District Chief and are under the command of any officer of higher rank at emergency scenes or when performing specific division work.

Minimum Qualifications

(All positions):  Must have one (1) year experience and be currently employed at the PS2 Level and must have at least five (5) years’ experience in the  Montgomery Fire/Rescue in order to take the promotional test and be eligible for promotion. Must have completed Apparatus Operator (Pumper and Aerial Ladder) classes; must have obtained Instructor I State Certification, current EMT III Paramedic State License, must have obtained Hazardous Materials Technician certification and must have completed NFA ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 300, IC 400 and ICS 700 classes by the first day of the Assessment Center. 

Special Requirements

NATIONAL FIRE ACADEMY CERTIFICATION:  Must complete R297 Command and Control Decision Making at Multiple Alarm Incidents within 24 months after promotion for all Lieutenant positions.
INVESTIGATIONS BUREAU:  Must have obtained Fire Investigator certification from the Alabama Fire College.  Must enroll and obtain certification by the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission (APOSTC) within 12 months after promotion or transfer.  Must complete R206 Fire Investigation: Essentials within 12 months and R208 Fire Investigation: Interview and Testimony within 24 months after promotion or transfer.
INSPECTIONS BUREAU:  Must have obtained Inspector I certification from the Alabama Fire College.  Must obtain Inspector II certification within one (1) year after promotion or transfer. Must complete R0390 Fire Inspection Principles I within 24 months and R0391 Fire Inspection Principles II within 36 months after promotion or transfer.

Kind of Examination

How to apply:

Complete an online application by visiting Montgomery City-County Personnel's Online Employment Center. Paper applications are no longer accepted. Completed applications will be accepted online until 11:59 p.m. on the closing date. If there is no closing date, the announcement may be closed at any time without prior notice.

Purpose of examination:

The purpose of the exam is to establish an employment register to fill any vacancies for the classification that may occur over the life of the register. If there are less than five qualified applicants, an examination will not be administered. All candidates will be placed on the employment list.

Examination dates:

All exercises of the selection procedure for the classification will be tentatively scheduled at a later date. Qualified candidates who apply to compete in the selection process will be notified in writing of specific dates, times, and locations at which to appear for the selection process.

Examination orientation:

An orientation session will be held to familiarize candidates with the examination. All qualifying candidates will have the opportunity to attend a session. The sessions will be scheduled at a later date for you to choose, at Montgomery City/County Personnel Department, 27 Madison Avenue, Board Room.

The orientation session is not mandatory. A candidate orientation guide will be distributed at the meeting. If you do not attend the orientation, you may obtain a guide after the date of the orientation at the front desk of the Montgomery City-County Personnel Department.

Examination description:

The competitive examination process will consist of four types of exercises. These exercises include a Role Play Exercise, Tactical Exercise, Training Exercise, and Situational Judgment Written Test. Verbal exercises will be recorded. All exercises will be scored by panels of Fire Department experts at a later date.

Performance dimensions:

The exam has been designed to measure the knowledge, skills, and abilities which are important for a Lieutenant to possess on the first day of the job. Those knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) which were judged by subject matter experts to be important and which are amenable to testing have been grouped together into areas of similarity to form performance dimensions. It is these six dimensions upon which the assessment has been based.

The following information provides a description of these dimensions. More detailed information about the exercises, weights, and KSAs underlying each performance dimension will be provided at the Candidate Orientation and in the Candidate Information Guide which will be distributed at the orientation. If you do not wish to attend the orientation, you may pick up a copy of the Candidate Information Guide from the City-County Personnel Department after the date of the orientation.


The extent to which one demonstrates an understanding of technical knowledge and skill required to perform or evaluate the job to include department operations, rules, regulations, procedures and common practices such as incident command procedures, tactics for fire suppression operations and proper training methods.


The process of personnel supervision, leading, coaching and counseling, evaluation, assisting, delegating, and guiding subordinates.


The extent to which one possesses the skill of identifying problems, securing relevant information, and identifying possible causes and solutions to problems and making quick and effective decisions.


This dimension includes the ability to interact with subordinates, supervisors in an effective manner to include listening and accepting feedback from subordinates or supervisors, using tact, and demonstrating consideration of the feelings and needs of others.


The extent to which one can give an oral presentation and communicate on a one-on-one basis by listening and responding, speaking effectively, communicating at the audience level, and using non-verbal communication to enhance oral communications.


The extent to which one expresses ideas, policies, etc. in writing through thoroughness, conciseness, and accuracy of information. Also, proper grammar, spelling and punctuation will be evaluated in terms of whether or not they meet the department standards.

Disqualification from competition The Personnel Department and/or expert shall disqualify an applicant or candidate from competition upon determination that:

1. The application was not received by the filing deadline.

2. The applicant fails to meet the minimum qualifications specified in the announcement.

3. The candidate fails to appear at the announced time and place for testing.

4. The candidate is found to be cheating. Cheating involves any attempt by an individual or group to enhance test scores by means other than actual knowledge or ability, including but not limited to, efforts to give or receive information about the test content or correct responses before, after or during a test.

Examples of cheating during a test would be:

a ) attempting to gain access to the test under false pretenses

b) failing to follow instructions given by the test administrators or proctors

c) talking to another candidate during the test

d) removing or attempting to remove test materials from the test site

e) leaving the testing room, holding room, or other location without permission from the test administrator

f) attempting to use notes, hand held computers or calculators when instructed not to

g) looking at another's test paper or answer sheet

h) working on a test section after time has been called

i) giving or receiving test information to or from another person

The Personnel Department may not exercise discretion in waiving these requirements for qualification except as may be required by law in connection with military personnel called to active duty.

The Personnel Department will provide written notification of the disqualification and the reason for disqualification to the applicant or candidate within five (5) days from the determination of the disqualifying circumstance.

Additional Information

This position is open only to Montgomery Fire Rescue employees who have completed their probationary period and meet the minimum qualifications are eligible to apply.

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