Police Major

Open only to Montgomery Police Department Employees

Recruitment #20-CI8410-01

Nature of Work

The fundamental reason this position exists is to provide protection and security for the citizens of Montgomery.  Police Majors serve as Division Commanders in one of the MPD divisions.  Incumbents directly supervise Captains and Lieutenants within their division.  Work also entails budget and policy development, community and public relations, and emergency incidents and crises management.  Police Majors are supervised by the Police Chief.

Minimum Qualifications

As of March 26, 2020, all Police Captains in the Montgomery Police Department, who have completed two years of service within the Department as a Captain, dating from the day of their promotion to Captain are eligible to compete in the process.

Kind of Examination

Complete an online application by visiting Montgomery City-County Personnel's Online Employment Center. Paper applications are no longer accepted. Completed applications will be accepted online until 5:00 p.m. on the closing date. If there is no closing date, the announcement may be closed at any time without prior notice.

Purpose of examination: The purpose of the exam is to establish an employment register to fill any vacancies for the classification that may occur over the life of the register.  If there are less than five qualified applicants, an examination will not be administered.  All candidates will be placed on the employment list.

Examination dates: All exercises of the selection procedure for the classification are scheduled for March 26 and 27.  Qualified candidates who apply to compete in the selection process will be notified in writing of specific dates, times, and locations at which to appear for the selection process.

Examination orientation: An orientation session will be held to familiarize candidates with the examination.  All qualifying candidates will have the opportunity to attend this session.  You will receive information about the orientation at a later date.

Examination description: The test exercises are: Data Review, Oral Presentation, Packet Review and Policy Development.

Disqualification from competition: The Personnel Department and/or expert shall disqualify an applicant or candidate from competition upon determination that:

1. The application was not received by the filing deadline.

2. The applicant fails to meet the minimum qualifications specified in the announcement.

3. The candidate fails to appear at the announced time and place for testing.

4. The candidate is found to be cheating. 

Cheating involves any attempt by an individual or group to enhance test scores by means other than actual knowledge or ability, including but not limited to, efforts to give or receive information about the test content or correct responses before, after or during a test. 

Examples of cheating during a test would be:

a) attempting to gain access to the test under false pretenses

b) failing to follow instructions given by the test administrators or proctors

c) talking to another candidate during the test

d) removing or attempting to remove test materials from the test site

e) leaving the testing room, holding room, or other location without permission from the test administrator

f) attempting to use notes, hand held computers or calculators when instructed not to

g) looking at anthers test paper or answer sheet

h) working on a test section after time has been called

i) giving or receiving test information to or from another person

The Personnel Department may not exercise discretion in waiving these requirements for qualification except as may be required by law in connection with military personnel called to active duty.

The Personnel Department will provide written notification of the disqualification and the reason for disqualification to the applicant or candidate within five (5) days from the determination of the disqualifying circumstance.

Selection Plan

Montgomery Police Department employees who meet the minimum qualifications are eligible to apply.

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