Senior Administrative Assistant

Recruitment #18-CI0051-01

Nature of Work

This is an advanced-level administrative position performing a full range of general and specialized clerical procedures with differentiation from lower clerical levels in providing direct support to large department upper level managers or cabinet members in a variety of administrative functions.  Work requires full knowledge of office administration and must demonstrate effective decision making.  Work procedures include but not limited to managing complex payrolls, budget preparation and control, purchasing supplies and equipment, personnel actions, general administrative functions such as developing department reports and documentation, managing accurate record keeping and filing systems, and/or basic financial/bookkeeping duties such as accounts payable, department billing and receiving payments.  Work in this class is non-routine and often cyclical in nature.  The employee carries out work in accordance with general instructions from the supervisor.  Senior Administrative Assistants typically supports supervisors, managers or directors over larger divisions or smaller departments. 

Minimum Qualifications

High School diploma or GED and two (2) years of responsible administrative experience which demonstrates full knowledge of multiple administrative functions such as payroll/financial duties, managing department documentation, purchasing and/or supporting supervisors or managers.  A technical certification in Office Administration or closely related area may substitute for one (1) year of experience.  Advanced training in office administrative or closely related area is preferred at this level. 

NOTE: Two (2) years’ experience as an Administrative Assistant will qualify for this position.

Kind of Examination

Applications are being accepted to fill a vacancy(ies) and any vacancies that may occur from the date of the established list of eligible candidates. The current vacancy is with City of Montgomery Public Safety Department. Applicants will be screened and qualified based on the education and experience on the application and minimally qualifying supplemental questionnaire. For this reason, applicants are urged to fill in the application form and supplemental questionnaire completely providing detailed information concerning the kinds of jobs they have held, the dates they held them, where and exactly what their duties were. Qualified candidates are certified as equally qualified.


Complete an online application by visiting Montgomery City-County Personnel's Online Employment Center. Paper applications are no longer accepted. Completed applications will be accepted online until 5:00 p.m. on the closing date. If there is no closing date, the announcement may be closed at any time without prior notice.

Additional Information

This position is open only to City of Montgomery employees who have completed their probationary period and meet the minimum qualifications.

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