Montgomery City County Personnel

Civil Engineering Technician II (#CO0628)

Pay Grade


Nature of Work

The fundamental reason this class exists is to perform technical civil engineering work. Employee participates in the investigation, development, design, construction and maintenance of County public works projects.  The essential functions are: conducts surveys for highway, bridge and drainage projects; performs drafting duties; inspects the construction of new streets, curbs, gutters, ditches in residential subdivisions built by private contractors;  participates in the inspection of highway, bridge and drainage construction projects; inspects existing bridges; and maintains detailed records and reports on construction projects.  This classification is distinguished from the lower level classes in this series by the ability to exercise autonomy in completing assigned projects and the responsibility for assuming a lead role in the activities of engineering or drafting projects and providing technical support to lower-level employees on projects. Work is performed under the direct supervision of the Assistant County Engineer and a higher-level Civil Engineering Technician who checks for technical accuracy.

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or G.E.D. equivalent and six (6) years of experience in technical civil engineering work, including surveying, drafting, and inspecting the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges and drainage structures. 

NOTE:    Qualifying education, training and experience that provide the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the job will be considered.


Special Requirements

Ability to obtain and maintain a valid Alabama driver’s license and an insurable driver record in order to drive a Montgomery County vehicle.  Must be willing to work overtime, occasionally on weekends, weekdays and holidays.  May require certification in bridge inspection, material testing or surveying.
PHYSICAL ABILITIES:  Physical ability to climb, bend, stoop, stand, walk long distances on rough terrain and carry survey instruments and equipment weighing up to 50 pounds for extended periods.  Physical ability to work in a variety of weather conditions with exposure to the elements (hot, cold, rain, humid) as needed to perform job duties.

CLASS: CO0628; EST: ; REV: 5/18/2013;