Montgomery City County Personnel

Fingerprint Classifier (#CO0465)

Pay Grade


Nature of Work

The fundamental reason that this classification exists is to classify fingerprints.  Major work responsibilities include classifying and researching fingerprints, identifying and/or registering guns and individuals, maintaining files and records, and performing other duties related to identification.  Classifiers receive training in latent prints and perform basic latent print examinations as skills require.  The Classifier is differs from the Records and Identification Clerk in that the Classifier is fully trained to classify prints and is beginning to learn latent fingerprint skills.  The Classifier differs from the Latent Fingerprint Examiner in that the Examiner is fully trained in latent fingerprint skills.  Employees are supervised by Deputy Sheriff Sergeants and/or Lieutenants.

Minimum Qualifications

High school or GED and two years of experience classifying fingerprints.

NOTE:  Qualifying education, training and experience that provide the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the job will be considered.


Special Requirements

Must be able to work occasional overtime and subject to be on call 24 hours.  Applicants will be required to submit to a thorough background investigation prior to employment.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:  Must have correctable vision to 20/20.

CLASS: CO0465; EST: ; REV: 10/9/2009;