Montgomery City County Personnel

Deputy Sheriff Sergeant (#CO0432)

Pay Grade


Nature of Work

The fundamental reason that this job exists is to protect and serve the citizens of Montgomery County.  Deputy Sheriff Sergeants perform responsible supervisory and specialized law enforcement work in the Sheriff’s Office in one of four divisions–Criminal Patrol, Investigations, Legal Services, or Support Services.  Major work responsibilities may include: preparing and administering work schedules; counseling employees about personnel problems, grievances, interpersonal conflicts, and career direction; monitoring and evaluating employees' performance; performing and supervising technical law enforcement duties; directing operations of employees on a crime scene; managing work group(s); gathering facts and evidence; developing, conducting, and/or attending training activities; preparing for and testifying in court; coordinating activities with other groups or agencies; performing outreach, special events, and public relations activities; and performing administrative duties. The employee is subject to the usual hazards of law enforcement work.  Considerable tact and firmness are required in dealing with the public.  Independent judgment and considerable discretion must be exercised in determining facts, interpreting the law, and making decisions concerning law enforcement, emergency situations, and personnel issues.  Sergeants have a high degree of autonomy and decision-making responsibilities and assume the responsibilities of the Lieutenant in the supervisor’s absence. Supervision and work performance evaluation are received from the Lieutenant level. 

Minimum Qualifications

As of the test date, all Deputy Sheriff Corporals in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office who have completed one year of service within the department as a Deputy Sheriff Corporal dating from the day of their appointment.

CLASS: CO0432; EST: ; REV: 6/13/2019;