Montgomery City County Personnel

Court Security Officer (#CO0418)

Pay Grade


Nature of Work

The fundamental reason this classification exists is to provide security in the Montgomery County Courthouse and to act as civilian process servers.  Court Security Officers are assigned to one of two functions: court security or process serving as assigned by the division commander to meet the needs of the Sheriff's Office.  However, many officers are cross-trained and can work in either area.  Officers assigned to court security operate and monitor an X-ray machine/metal detector in the Main Courthouse and the Courthouse Annex.  They conduct physical inspections of items and conduct hand-held metal detector screening or pat-downs.  Officers assigned to process serving will serve processes at state buildings, major businesses, attorney firms, banks, and local hospitals.  Court security work is performed under the direction of a Deputy Sheriff and/or a Deputy Sheriff Sergeant at all times.  Officers who serve papers report to a Deputy Sheriff Sergeant.  The errors that can be made in court security include allowing weapons in the Courthouse or allowing various illegal materials into the Courthouse.  In process serving, papers can be served to the wrong address or business which can lead to decreased productivity for the division and the courts.

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or GED and two years of experience working in a security environment such as a police officer, security guard, corrections officer, or similar position.

NOTE:  Qualifying education, training and experience that provide the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the job will be considered.


Special Requirements

Possession of a valid Alabama Driver's License as needed to serve papers to various locations throughout the City.  Must be twenty-one (21) years of age.  Must pass a background check with no felony convictions.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Officers working in court security stand on their feet for a good part of the work day in order to operate the necessary equipment.  They may encounter individuals under emotional stress, individuals who are attempting something illegal, and individuals who may become violent.  Officers working in process serving travel for most of the work day in an automobile.  As they serve papers, they may encounter individuals who are hostile or difficult.

CLASS: CO0418; EST: ; REV: 8/21/2014;